Project Runway All Stars, Episode 8

So I am back with some thoughts and such on Project Runway All Stars and it’s happenings. I missed last week’s post because my Thursday night was very hairy, as was my Friday… I didn’t even end up watching Episode 7 until Sunday at some point. Anyway, that episode made me sad, as we bid farewell to my lady Kara Janxy poo. According to the judges, she just wasn’t the caliber of designer that the rest were, or something like that. She was extremely disappointed and frankly, she just seemed exhausted. My poor pumpkin. I love her designs dating back to that wrap dress from her season.

So Episode 8 brings our remaining designers (Austin, Mondo, Mila, Jerrel, Michael, and Kenley) to the United Nations, where each designer will create a look based on a country’s flag and indigenous culture. Mondo won last week so he gets first choice, Jamaica… Michael chooses Greece (because as he tells us multiple times in the episode that he is Greek afterall), Mila chooses Papua New Guinea, Jerrel gets India, Austin has the Seychelles and Kenley is left with Chile.

This episode, I really hone in on my distaste for Mila. She is a wretched creature. She has made comments for the past 4 episodes about how she doesn’t understand how the other designers “help” each other and give each other advice. She mainly dissed my girl Kara and Kenley’s friendship… perhaps she was jealous? Eh, she quips, “It’s a competition, after all.” Thank you, Mila. We didn’t know this was a competition. At the end of the day, each designer is responsible for what they put on the runway and if I were in that situation, I would try to make friends with people too. Geesh, I don’t even like Kenley that much but I am happy that she has Austin now that Kara is gone. Mila is wretched and Mondo seems to like her, which I don’t understand.

So the designers toil away. Michael’s design makes me (and everyone else) think “pageant” dress. Jerrel embraces India in a very traditional manner. Mondo showed a slinky black number. Austin had trouble with his fabric choices and draping. Kenley did something very Kenley… and Mila, sweet Mila, presented a half short/half long dress that has the colors of the flag but nothing to do with that nation. She has some BS explanation she kept hocking the whole episode about freedom or something. I didn’t buy it and neither did the judges. It was fugly and everyone knew it. Isn’t it funny Mila? It wasn’t important for you to make any lasting friendships or be helpful to other designers sooooo no one told you that your design was pretty sucky. It is a competition after all. She got booted and I smiled.

Mondo won this episode and I am feeling that they are getting us ready for his triumphant overall win, making up for Gretchen winning his season. I still hold out hope for Austin though as he is my boo.

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 8

Obsession Alert: EA Burns Jewelry

I cannot stop thinking about these necklaces by EABurns. I saw them a couple of months ago, so long that I can’t remember exactly where it was that I first laid eyes upon them. All I do know is that I bookmarked the Lizzie Burns’ page and have been dreamy-eyed about her pieces ever since. I have actually been meaning to write this blog post since the moment I saw them.

EABurns is an ethical label primarily using reclaimed and scrap leather from U.K manufacturers.They believe that the environment and good design are equally important and aim to balance these. All of their pieces are hand made in the UK using sustainable processes wherever possible and they use biodegradable and reusable packaging for all internet orders. Love? A yes I do.
Besides the “green” attitude, I am totally obsessed with her pieces. Damn if I don’t want my bridesmaids to wear the fluorescent green with their black bridesmaids dresses, because wouldn’t that be memorable? I am smitten with the colors, the hard edges and almost magical feel to the jewelry and accessory lines from Lizzie.

I think that if I were ever to have a design line, I would most definitely have to incorporate these intersting and unique pieces somehow… but to start, I should probably just buy one and wear it! Which should I go for?

Follow her blog, shop, her page on Facebook or on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest of her work. Love.Love.Love.

Obsession Alert: EA Burns Jewelry

Did Betsey Johnson Bring Clueless Back?

Betsey Johnson’s Fall/Winter RTW 2012 show debuted last week. It was classic Betsey; fun, fanciful, flirty and a little wild. I have read reviews of her newest collection and everyone is getting pretty much the same vibe: pumped up 60’s mod with a futuristic edge. I totally agree with those reviews but you know what I also see? Clueless, early 90’s Clueless. Fashion from the movie Clueless (starring a one Miss Alicia Silverstone and the hunkalicious Paul Rudd) has hopped in a time machine and asked Miss Betsey Johnson for another chance.

I think anyone my age, or around my age, or actually, any female with a sense of humor will instantly be able to pull up a quote from Clueless at random. Most certainly, these same women, will also be able to drum up an image of the fashion from Clueless. Plaids, knee socks, collared shirts, bright colors, tights and more… If you are reading my blog, I don’t think I have to explain in any more detail, what I am referencing.

Betsey Johnson’s Fall 2012 collection was full of bright colors, fabulous tights, plaids and prints… is this sounding familiar? Betsey brought us some herringbone minis and matching jackets (a la Cher and Dionne’s signature look), vertical striped tights, faux fur trims and fabulous hats. All these things, I can either remember or imagine being styled in Clueless.

Do I love Clueless? Yes. Could that be why I am imagining Betsey Johnson’s line embodying a new, adventurous version of it? Probably. Do I care? As If.

*All fashion images via Zimbio

Did Betsey Johnson Bring Clueless Back?

Jewelry from the Runway: Ben-Amun

This fashion season, I was all about reporting on not necessarily the most covered shows (although I did choose a few of those as well) and was actually surprised that a few reps from jewelry designers contacted me about the shows that they were included in. I did coverage on Corey Lynn Calter, and soon learned that Ben-Amun provided all the jewelry for those looks that I loved so much. I feel bad that I hadn’t even tried to do the research, because this jewelry is pretty fantastic.

Thick Gold Bangle, Gold Hinge Cuff, Portofino Gold Ivory Bead Earrings, Molten Gold and Black Earrings, Hammered Gold Necklace

Some pieces that I found (besides the ones in Corey’s collection) had me even more smitten as a kitten. Their original and funky looks would really fit in with my eclectic wardrobe, especially the following dreamy dreamalicious items that I will pining for until I hint (harrass) to the man that I need to be given a gift. I am especially in love with the necklaces. Statement piece is an understatement for the majority of Ben-Amun’s designs.

Neon Fan Necklace
Byzantine Multi Color Collar Necklace
Portofino Golf Horn Pendant
Orange Half Moon Necklace

So what do you think? Had you ever heard of Ben-Amun designs? If not, will you be jumping on the train with me?

You can find Ben-Amun designs on their site, blog, and Twitter.
Jewelry from the Runway: Ben-Amun

My Top 15 Looks from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is over, le sigh, but that does mean that I get to do a roundup of my favorite looks of the whole lot. There were some outlandish fashion choices as well as some simply drool worthy ready to wear stuff. I have to say that I was not disappointed with the copious amount of eye candy, from my favorite designers as well as from designers I was not expecting (or had even heard of).

The following 15 looks are not in any specific order and I love them all for different reasons, so how could I rank them anyway? You won’t hear fancy words in my descriptions, just plain how I feel about ma clothes.

Milly Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America, Rodarte Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America, Badgley Mischka Yannis Vlamos /

While some might argue that this dress by Milly is not the newest kid on the block, I am in love with the yellow piping that separates the white and black blocks in this dress. Plus, ready to wear in real life? For sure. The Rodarte piece on the the other hand (pun intended) is not so RTW but I just thought this had to be one of the most imaginative looks of the season, hands down. Of all the fur-tastic looks from this season’s runways, I have to say that I loved the tailored Badgley and Mischka jacket the most. Plus, I loved the styling.

Nanette Lepore Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America, Narciso Rodriguez Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America, Naeem Khan Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America

Nanette Lepore, oh how I want these pants. I have never been so infatuated with “rust” before. The blue/gold blouse is just gravy for me. Delicious, delicious gravy. This Narciso Rodruguez ensemble is edgy and cool but the thing I love most are those gloves. While I loved Prabal Gurung’s gold gown, this one just struck me as something more my speed, romantic and lacy, this Naeem Khan gown has Oscar dress written all over it.

Betsey Johnson Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America, Jenny Packham Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America, Zac Posen Arun Nevader/Getty Images North America

Also an Oscar contender in my book, is this Jenny Packham gown. Flowy with a little sparkle and styled to sell me on Old Hollywood glamour, this dress is swoonworthy. Betsey Johnson, oh Betsey Johnson, your line was fun an playful as always. I felt like there were definite moments of eccentric richness, this dress being one of them. Zac Posen, has not had stellar collections (in my humble opinion) for the past few seasons, to the point where I stopped paying attention. This look, however, is sleek and stylized, immediately making a positive impression on me.

Dianne Von Furstenberg Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America, Thakoon Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America, Tracy Reese Arun Nevader/Getty Images North America

You can tell me that you don’t like turtlenecks but that is just because you are afraid to rock them. I want this DVF dress so badly that I can taste it. Warm and in a burnished red, this is perfect RTW fall fashion. Laugh if you will but the look from Thakoon makes me smile. It’s a lot of red, I will admit but pants are so cool, so cool, so cool. Tracy Reese had a very colorful collection and while I wasn’t loving the equestrian type helmets, the prints were amazing. This blue and taupe number is something I could totally see rocking this Fall.

Lela Rose Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America, Catherine Malandrino Dario Cantatore/Getty Images North America, Douglas Hannant  Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America

This Lela Rose Dress has to be one of my favorites. The print absolutely speaks to me and the orange binding brings it all together. It has a modern vintage feel, which you know Mama likes. Catherine Malandrino had my favorite coat this season. The color is something I am always drawn to but the bluish black fur collar has me drooling. I want this to be on my body come September. The Douglas Hannant number on the end, also has a very vintage feel to it but if brought current with modern accessories would be a killer dress.

What were some of your favorite looks from New York Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2012?
My Top 15 Looks from New York Fashion Week

Prabal Gurung, Ugh Extravagance!

One of my most anticipated shows of the season had to be Prabal Gurungs Fall 2012 line, mostly because he has had me obsessing over Rooney Mara’s red carpet looks (see many previous posts on Rooney Mara and how much I heart her) and also Zoë Saldana has been sporting him recently (she sat front row at this show). His clothes have been daring, his prints imaginative and more importantly, the clothes are just plain pleasing to the eye… described this collection as “Hell and heaven. Prabal Gurung‘s Fall collection made that journey, starting off all black, traveling through a blue period, and culminating in a finale of gold and ivory worthy of the pearly gates”. I couldn’t have put it any better. 

Photos: Marcus Tondo /

Sleek, sexy silhouettes, sheer cutouts and masterful beading were some of my favorite aspects of the line but there were also elements that I was not a huge fan of. Take for instance, his high fashion sweatshirt. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some sweats, but on the runway, this look just threw me off. I know it may not be actual cotton but it looked like a run of the mill Hanes with an applique. Paired with gloves and the shine of the royal blue skirt, I thought this was a miss.

Photos: Marcus Tondo /

Once I was past the sweatshirt, the remainder of the collection lifted me right back up. He played with prints but the looks that impressed me more were anything that had intricate beading, especially his final number in white. I see Oscar gown written all over this. Overall, I was not disappointed with the Fall/Winter line and am excited to see who will be wearing Prabal Gurung in the future.

Photos: Marcus Tondo /

Photos: Marcus Tondo /

Photos: Marcus Tondo /
What did you think of Prabal Gurung’s latest line? A Hit or a Miss?
Prabal Gurung, Ugh Extravagance!