Less than $20 Worth of Materials… Mega Value!

Well man friend and I have too much “stuff”… tons of clothes, tons of games, tons of movies, tons on “junk” so I am always thinking about what I can give to charity, which would benefit us two fold… we could be getting rid of some of the crap we don’t use but also giving to a local and worthy charity. Wellp on my most recent escapade to drop our donations off, I decided to peruse around to see if there was any cool old shirts or dresses or curtains that I could repurpose into something quirky and cool; something “me”. I have been reading Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials and was pretty motivated to try and create not only on a budget but Eco-Friendly as well. Why go out and buy new when I can re-use something that has a history that I can perhaps extend?

Once in my local Salvation Army, I made a beeline to the curtains/drapery/sheets area to see what kind of deals I could get there. Admittedly, I was rather surprised at how much they wanted for a used bed sheet but did manage to find a queen sizes flat sheet (as good as multiple yardage $4.99) with an interesting white and taupe design, some really RAD curtains with a very 70’s feel but not totally outdated (two panels for $5.99) and oddly enough actual fabric (cute nursery rhyme toile about 6 yards for $4.99). They also had random bins of odds and ends that I picked through and found multiple zippers at .29 a pop, some girls tights. I don’t know what I’ll do with them but I grabbed them at .50 a pair and thought they may be useful in the future. Grabbed some twine for my when I use my dye and was on my way. I could not believe how much I snagged for less than $20.00. I ran home to pop my finds in the washing machine so I could start using them!

I have already toiled away on a newest creation, using some of the nursery rhyme fabric. While watching some TV with my man and his parents, I crafted a simple apron for around the kitchen. I know, how very domesticated of me ;). I can’t wait to use the rest of my stuff when the need/time/inspiration arises. I might not discount a “previously loved” item because who knows what “new for me to love” item could come from it?

Less than $20 Worth of Materials… Mega Value!

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