Halloween Inspired Craft, Perfect for Christmas Time

My sisters will absolutely get a hoot out of this craft I found on Disney’s Family Fun section of their website (yes, I sometime peruse family fun websites despite the fact that I have no children)… I think we should do this craft when we are together at Christmas time. I know it’s weird but my family is weird.


* Disposable ballpoint pen
* White Crayola Model Magic modeling material
* Toothpick
* Craft glue
* Plastic fingernail
* Nail polish


1.For each one, cover a disposable ballpoint pen (cap removed) with a 1/4-inch layer of white Crayola Model Magic modeling material, leaving the tip of the pen exposed.

2.Sculpt the clay into a finger shape, forming thick bumps on one side for knuckles. Mark wrinkles and creases around the knuckles with a toothpick.

3. Next, use craft glue to attach a plastic fingernail near the pen’s tip, leaving room enough for the pen to write. (If you like, trim the nail with scissors beforehand for a jagged effect.) Use the toothpick to create lines around the cuticle area and coat the nail with nail polish in a frightful hue.

4. Allow the clay and the polish to dry completely before using the pen.

Halloween Inspired Craft, Perfect for Christmas Time

Bag de Lindsey’s 21st…

So I have started working on the tote bag for my sister’s 21st birthday… and no, I am not worried about her seeing this because, let’s face it… it may or may not turn out alright. In any event, she is really supportive of my crafty goodness. My grandmother taught me to sew and taught kid sister to knit. Of course, I wanted to knit too but did not have quite the knack for it that Lindsey (kid sister) does and so I quit (I am not usually a quitter). Anyhoo, I know Lindsey would want to see the transition from mere fabrics to a finished good, so here I am… mayhaps I should think about Scotchguarding it in case she spills wine coolers on it. (winky face)

Starting off with the above fabrics… may not use them all but I really thought they all sort of went together… really feeling anything bird related these days, birds, feathers, bird cages.. just not their poop.

In my last batch of dyeables

Strips for… wait for it… Smocking

I love to smock things…

So this is what I have so far for the front of the bag. I am undecided about which way this bag will go whether it be messenger-baggy-esque or tote-baggy-like but I guess I will just have to see how this takes shape.

Bag de Lindsey’s 21st…

I Cannot Stop Smocking!

In the latest issue of Threads, there is a spread (yes, a spread) on some new smocking techniques (well they are new to me) and haven’t I been spending a lot of my time smocking these days. I don’t exactly have projects to add the smocking to (just yet) but I am certainly working on honing these skills for my arsenal of crafting goodness.

I smocked for two nights straight on this bad boy just to finish it. I must say that I “toiled” and slaved away on this 1/4 yard of fabric but I am extremely happy happy with my results results. It helps that when smocking you can also watch your “programs”… mine consisted of Dancing With the Stars (which I swear I never usually watch) and tonight it was Real Housewives of Atlanta ( love me some housewives from any location)…
I started off with good ol’ fashioned directions from my Threads Magazine. To my delight there are two smocking patterns for me to try. This particular pattern is referred to as the Lattice Stitch Smocking.

Starting one row at a time… (back)


I used my pinking shears to cut the edges so they wouldn’t fray while I was working on my separate rows. There is nothing I despise more than fraying fabric… well, maybe Heidi Montag first, then fraying fabric. (back)


The finished product all nice and smocky-like. What I love about smocking too? Is that there is a stretch to the fabric just by the way that you hand stitch it together. It makes for an intering piece to use in construction of something completely different (ie projects I have not yet dreamt up yet) I am just trying to master the art of smocking because I happen to love the effect!

Kitten likes to ruin everything… but in this case, she has good taste and told me she liked my work. She later texted me to see if she could commission me for some work she would like done in her penthouse. I have not yet decided whether I shall take the work or not.
I Cannot Stop Smocking!


Ummm I love this song with every fiber of my being. I had to look up the lyrics (because I do not speak any Scandanavian language) but it’s just sweet and lovely.

spinning in circles

holding hands

the world is a blur

except when you’re standing

dripping wet
completly soaked
no rubberboots
running inside of us
wants to burst out of the shell

wind in
and the smell of your hair
i hit as hard as i can
with my nose
jumping into a puddle
wearing no boots
completely soaked (dripping wet)
wearing no boots

and i get a nosebleed
but i’ll always stand up again

and i get a nosebleed
but i’ll always stand up again


Crafting for Good and Not Evil

Ummmm Quilts for Kids is pretty awesome. Their mission statement, you ask? Transforming discontinued, unwanted and other fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse.

I was perusing my usual Craftser.org posts and came upon a string regarding Quilts for Kids and was immediately interested because I love people who quilt and for the most part, I love kids. (Save some of the “screamers”). In exploring this charity further, it is apparent to me that they are pretty amazing.

They take scraps of donated fabric (new and in good conditions FYI) and volunteer quilters fashion kid friendly blankies for kids in need of encouragement. I am sitting here wishing I was a more experienced quilter so that I could offer my assistance in some hands on goodness but alas my quilts might not add enjoyment to these children’s lives but rather make them cry more (I kid, I kid). I do plan to look through my fabrics and donate some spare yardage that I think would be great for kiddies. I encourage my crafting friends to do the same. I know many pals who are collectors of fabric they may or may not ever use.

Check out this letter from one of the hospitals that Quilts for Kids has helped in it’s endeavors…. And there are many more where this one came from.

Quilts For Kids is in need of fabric, funding and quilters. Quilts For Kids, Inc. welcomes volunteer involvement in their desire to comfort children in need. Check out their site and see if there is anything you can offer or do to help them out. You can also check out their community calendar for any events near you. Participation in any form will help and that is true with any cause close to your heart. Get out there and do something for your community or favorite organization.

Crafting for Good and Not Evil