Oooh Ooooh Turban!

One of my vintage twitter acquaintances, Twitch Vintage, posted a blog tutorial on a really fun turban like headband. So Obvi, I decided to do my own, with a twist. I spent awhile on this tonight but am happy I did. Love me some crafty productivity just for the heck of it!

I started by wrapping some jersey cotton that I needed to discard in twine until I was satisfied with the coverage. There was no method to my madness just madness to my method…  
Obvi, I couldn’t just keep the white as it was, so I chose the Golden Yellow for tonight’s fun with fabrics…
Like a gross soup made with dye, string and fabric… I stewed my goodies in a bucket in the bathroom while we watched our DVR’d Jersey Shore, occasionally pausing to give ‘er and ol’ stir…
After a good ol’ washing, I have some pretty run of the mill tie dye effects but better than plain, that is for sure…
After following the tutorial once, I created my own version with two extra loops to make a thicker band.
Thankfully, I have a live in photographer. Thanks Manfriend.

I love it when I am inspired by other like-minded peeps. Now I have a quick and easy project that I can do at the drop of a hat.

Oooh Ooooh Turban!

3 thoughts on “Oooh Ooooh Turban!

  1. I twisted one of the loops around the other then sewed it across so that both strips of fabric joined at that point, so they are attached on the front and behind as well.

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