Lovin’ "Above All Fabric"

I am all about supporting like minded people and the online shop Above All Fabric  is no different. (Hello, they offer rewards points on purchases aaaaand have a blog, yay!)

Some things that I most certainly have on my wish list from the great selection?

Parisville Fat Quarter Bundle in Mist (Pretty Please with Sugar on Top!)

Robins Egg Strawberry Fields (manfriend 2 yards please)

Amy Butler Sandlewood Jacket Pattern ( Don’t you think this would be magical to make?)

Gold Fish- Purple (Ummm I think I would scoop up whatever is left of this. Something about this fabric draws me in)

Anyhoo, I have to watch my sweet moola these days and make smart decisions on what I decide to purchase buuuuuut that’s why they call it a wishlist, right?

Lovin’ "Above All Fabric"

Ummm Have We Seen Lanvin for H+M?

So Lanvin has created a limited collection for H+M which should ideally be more affordable for us common folk. Yes, I am excited. Very similar to some of the lines that have been done for Target (Rodarte, Zac Posen, Mossimo), the designers seem to be reaching out to the women who can’t afford to buy their $1,000 shirt off the rack at a high end boutique on Newbury Street.

I must say that the Lanvin collection for H+M makes me happy, whether I am lucky enough to snag a piece while it lasts (’tis the time of year we should give rather than recieve). It’s just nice to know it existed.

Photos from the Lanvin for H+M Couture Fashion Show
Ummm Have We Seen Lanvin for H+M?

Happy Thanksgiving, People!

So being that today is Thanksgiving, I give you my wish of good family, good times and good eats. We musn’t forget that Thanksgiving all started with some pilgrims who were hard up for food, people (Native American Indians) offered their help (they befriended Squanto)and they had a glorious dinner with maize and turkey and other such yummer things. Yay Mayflower and Yay for a holiday where we can give thanks for what we have!

I thought I would take this moment to say what things I am thankful for, of which there are many:

My faith, my awesome family, the love of a good man, amazing friends, my puppy and kitten, a job during this tough time for our country’s economy, a nice place to live, Groupon, the Sun (it keeps the Earth alive afterall), the Earth (let’s take care of her), Indian Food (mainly Chicken Korma), Grapes (to make wine with), Cookies, Fabric Stores, Twitter, Electricity, Clorophyl (more like Borophyl), Ibuprofun, Conan, Sleep and the list could go on and on…

We must not take things for granted. Life is too short to not be thankful for what we have… whatever it may be.


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Happy Thanksgiving, People!

NYC Jaunt!

This past weekend, manfriend and I hopped on the Amtrak from Providence and jaunted down to NYC for the weekend. One of my besties Nathalie and her man, Dave, moved to Brooklyn this past summer and we hadn’t seen them in MONTHS! Gah! Nat and I share a mutual love of Kate Nash (as she is amazing, check her out) and Kate just happened to be playing in NYC (perfect!) sooooooo what better excuse to head down, right?

Manfriend had never really experienced NY so Nat and Dave offered to explore the city with us and it was just plain fun. Obvi, Manfriend and I are tiiiiiiiiiired but that being said, we had an awesome time; so it was totally worth it.

Highlights, you ask?

Kate Nash at Terminal 5… please do yourself a favor and look her up!

Manfriend and I in Times Square

Nat and I in our hand crotcheted hats from Nepal!

Big Bird Sighting in Central Park!

This is that bull on Wall Street… there were too many people taking pictures in front.

So obvi, we plan to head back to visit them in the near future and take in a show. Now that we know how easy it was to get in and out by train (we highly recommend the ease of travel), we will be making it a habit to get out more. Gah, I miss Nathalie so much already!

NYC Jaunt!

Caught in a Hat

Manfriend caught me in an awkward state but yet both mittens and hat are prominently displayed here

Manfriend and I went to NYC this weekend to visit my friend Nathalie and her manfriend(full on exploration post to come) but I could not wait to share the one and only thing that I spent money on (besides food, drink and transportation): This hat and matching fingerless mittens, hand crocheted in Nepal and hand warming my heart. Can you believe how unbelievably adorable I look in this matching handmade set? I know… don’t be jealous. To boot? All of Nirvanna Designs products are supporting local women in Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand. Gotta love it.

Caught in a Hat
So I was reading Harper’s Bazaar before bed last night (because who doesn’t love a little fashion before ni nights) and was immediately struck by one of the magazine’s “People to Watch”… well obviously I get sidetracked pretty easily because this post is actually about Harper Bazaar’s recent online article about Parisian Street Style (I’ll let you figure out how I got from A to B.) I wish that women in the United States felt more freedom to wear whatever they feel best in and also expresses their personality without feeling silly.

Now I am not saying that we don’t express ourselves, because we certainly do. I am just saying that in the times that I have been out of the country, I have been utterly smitten with their fashion sense and seemingly personal styling. I was in England before women were tucking their skinny jeans in their riding boots… but it wasn’t really before because they were doing it there… did that make sense? Anyhoo, maybe I am just a fan of being up to the fashion challenge without being made fun of.

Some of my faves from the Parisian Street Styles you ask? Of course, I’ll share! Something about the hats… I always have bought hats, hoping I would have the guts to wear them… and rarely, if ever, do I wear a hat that is not plainly functional. Maybe I need to muster up some hat-full courage?


Finally Finished!

So I have been working on this bag, off and on, for the last month or two and am.finally.finished. Take a look at some previous posts regarding this labor of love… just to get an idea of where I was coming from and what brought me to this amazing and rewarding place of completion. It’s just one of those things, when you accomplish something that you feel has worth (to you or others) or has that something special/unique. That is this bag for me.

Please excuse my mannequins… In retrospect, I should probably dress the mannequins so that they aren’t so blatently nakie buuuuuut I was in a hurry to get these pictures taken so I could schedule this bad boy and scamper off to bed.

What do you think? Was this bag worth my time? Should I stick with the smocking and the individual blocking for the base of the bag? If I have a direction, I can work on making things more efficiently.

Finally Finished!