Good Friends are Hard to Find…

…but I sure have them.

This past Saturday, I enjoyed a night out with 17 of my closest friends for dinner and some drinks. These were all girls I went to college with and their significant others (what made the party so large) bringing back some old memories while making new ones. We had a great time and always end up saying “Why don’t we do this more often?”… Well life gets in the way most of the time but I am here to say that we should all make time for the people that we care about. Wouldn’t you agree?

“Suite”Hearts… some honorary

Hellooooo, I just want to show my friends how much I appreciate them. I give a lot when it comes to friendships but I can also expect a lot in return… and I don’t think that is being “hard to please”, rather having standards for the people you share your blessed time with. I expect my friends to be kind, caring and conscientious of oneanother’s issues and quirks, taking those into consideration all the time… and with my girls, I have that. I am going through some health issues that are leaving me feeling a little hopeless and somewhat sad… my girls are checking up on me with every doctor’s appt and diagnosis along the way. Love.It.And.Appreciate.It.

Obvi, my sisters are my besties as well but when it comes to sistahs from another mistah? I have some of the finest friends a girl could ask for, and that is no lie. Shout out to everyone who supports me in what I do, what I love and how I roll. Huggles!

Good Friends are Hard to Find…

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