Can Someone Teach Me Macrame?!

Oh, how I would love to be able to knit a sweater (or even on single glove for that matter)… Imagine being able to knit, crochet or even macrame and entire fashion line? Crazy… but awesome. The latest trend I am pulling a little inspirational dreaminess from? Yeah, this isn’t your Grandma’s macrame… and if it is? Your Grandmas is WAY cool.
From Christian Dior

Matthew Williamson

Rag & Bone

Salvatore Ferragamo

Can someone offer to teach me how to macrame at length so that I may construct something magical to wear? Or if you don’t know how to macrame? You can certainly pick me up some Christian Dior 😉

PS. Happy 21st Birthday to my baby sister Lindsey! We are going to party tonight!

PPS. May you have a Merry Christmas Eve full of love and cookies!

Pictures via Style

Can Someone Teach Me Macrame?!

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