Teaching Myself to Embroider

So for Christmas me dear ol’ Mum picked me up a starter embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching and I will be perfectly honest that it was ALL I did whilst snowed in on the day after Christmas. As you can see by my newest handi-worky (below), my mother was so enthralled she will be framing for her sun room and to me that is the highest form of flattery, especially for a beginner like myself. Hey, it’s just another tool to add to my creative toolbox. Also, shout out to Sublime Stitching for awesome “How-to’s” that were super easy to follow and also iron ons that were superb for starters!

I plan to bring my needleworking magic around the crafty house and see where it belongs because I certainly have to entertain it sometimes. Plus, I do love handsewing projects to do while watching Top Chef!

Teaching Myself to Embroider

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