Incorporating Vintage

So I was totally inspired by the girls from the Slaves to Fashion blog on when they shared a week’s worth of looks that all had a touch or more of Vintage…Jen totally rocked it. I totally try to work Vintage pieces into my wardrobe all the time (some outfits being more successful than others of course) so I was encouraged to document my own looks and get feedback on whether or not I have the knack or not. Eh, regardless if anyone thinks I have got the knack, I still love my vintage and thrifted goods… I love a piece of clothing with character, no lie.

OK so what do you think of my looks with a dash of vintage loving?

Vintage Touch? Dress from Roulette Vintage in Carrboro, NC (Shoes are Nine West, Sweater is now defunct Martin + Osa, belt is Banana Republic)
Vintage Touch? Scarf from a Goodwill run with my Ma! (Skirt is J. Crew, Sweater is Martin+ Osa, Shoes are Cole Haan)
Vintage Touch? Oxford shoes from a consignment shop in Worcester, MA (Sweater is The Limited, Jeans are UniQlo, Tank is Martin +Osa, bag is Sak Roots)

Vinstage Touch? Elephant Necklace from Alexis Grace Consignment (sweater by The Limited, skirt Martin+Osa and shoes from Target)


Vintage Touch? Dress made with Vintage fabric from NowSOLA Vintage and made by me! (sweater by Gap, Shoes by Nine West)
Incorporating Vintage

9 thoughts on “Incorporating Vintage

  1. I love all the looks! I can't believe the dress from day 5 (also known as today) is made by you! Love that! I was also eyeballing your necklace yesterday. Elephant! love!

  2. I LOVE Day 1! That color blue is just stunning on you. Gorgeous. And is the Day 5 dress the one you showed me? Is it the finished product?! If so – excellent job, my friend!!

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