Rippin’ and Braidin’

So in my quest to be ever craftier and try new things (and having the massive urge to braid) I decided I was going to take an old bed sheet that I picked up at a consignment store and do a little reconstructing. The beauty of an old bed sheet is #1 they are super soft #2 they tear into strips so unbelievably easy (with a little snip to help of course) and #3 the little frayed edges are adorbs and hard to create otherwise. So anyways, there was a full night where I watched my programs and tore the flat sheet into strips, which would eventually be uses to braid… can you dig? And so begun my process… the braiding…

Once I had braided ever last strip into, well, a braid, I then decided I was going to sew them all together to make what you would assume would eventually become a braided rug (here you are wrong). I sewed each piece to the next, using only one side of the braids… you know, to keep things clean. I tell you that it took the biggest needle that I had in my battalion to combat the BRAID.

So anyways, after many evenings of work on this creation, we finally come to a stand still… what should I do with this braided flat piece of braided braid chunk. Yes, I said braid multiple times yet braid is the recurring theme here, yes? Anyhoo… I let this creation sit for many weeks, this is no lie… you ever just lose the motivation mid-project? And now I am stuck.

What should I do?! (and don’t say “have direction before you start a project”)
Rippin’ and Braidin’

2 thoughts on “Rippin’ and Braidin’

  1. Anonymous says:

    Right off the bat it looked like your flower braid could be sewn into a table runner. I've seen braided rugs that brighten up a room but since this is out of sheets I think a table runner or some sort of rectangle mat to set a large casserole on (?) oh no, now I'm thinking food, HA! Anyway, table runner or hot mat is what came to mind.

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