Don’t Be Self-Important, It’s Icky

While waiting in line for my first ever real life fashion show, I was amazed at how pretentious people can be. Wait, let me start over. So as you can imagine, I was pretty stoked to get into the Improvd, Valentino Vettori show at the Box for obvious reasons. It’s pretty cool any way you slice it. Now I was in a fabulous mood but being that this was the Box, you waited in line because they did two separate viewings ( I was in the second viewing). I stood next to a cute little photographer guy, who just wanted to get his last show out of the way so he could go home. I chatted with an actress who had just gotten a small part on The Good Wife… most people were trying to make the best of it but behind us, behind us was where someone attempted to ruin my mood. This person? Was Flora from Real World Miami circa 1995… no legit, it was her, accent and all… and she thought she was the most important person at this show. Unfortunately for her, no one else knew who she was (I happened to have watched the Real World from about 1994 – 2002 ish so I was aware of who she was, plus someone called her by name) so she had to wait in line, like the rest of us semi-regular people. She complained for about 15 minutes straight about how she couldn’t believe they were making us wait so long, how it was ridiculous and how this was such an inconvenience. It was actually a bit of a wait but to me? I was excited just hearing the music coming from inside, knowing I was going to get to experience that. Flora and her crew? They could have cared less. I made notes in my notebook about them so that I wouldn’t forget to write this post… because in all of the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week, you (as in us all) should appreciate where you are and please, for all that is good and holy, please don’t be self-important, especially if you aren’t really important at all. It’s icky.

PS. Her boots were really bad. I could have overlooked them if her attitude hadn’t been bad too.


Don’t Be Self-Important, It’s Icky

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