Vintage Score: Patterned Maxi Dress

Dude, I love vintage. I love vintage so much that I want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant (take a joke, it’s from 30 Rock). The beautiful thing about vintage is that you can almost guarantee than no one else is wearing it and bonus, you can get it from so many different locations. There are brick and mortar shops set up specifically for vintage and consignment goods. I have also been known to find some vintage/retro looks at my local Salvation Army/Savers (obviously with some searching)… but now, the amazing Internets have made shopping for retro looks so much easier! Whether set up on ebay or stand alone online shops, these great resources are run by women and men with an eye for clever and interesting vintage items. I have just started ordering from online vintage shops, and I have not been disappointed yet. Check out my most recent find from Vantage Point Vintage!

Some of my favorite online Vintage stores are as follows (visit them, you won’t regret it):


Vintage Score: Patterned Maxi Dress

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