Outfit Inspiration, Emma Stone

Hey ladies, I am sure that you have seen one of these looks of Emma Stone’s on the red carpet. She certainly got attention for the pink and red semi-poof number that had people talking. So I know that this was this past Summer but as soon as I saw this dress on the newly launched Dorothy Perkins US Site, I was was like I.MUST.HAVE.IT! Granted, the Red/Orange Ponte Dress is not as exciting as Emma’s looks buuuuut it does translate more seamlessly into my somewhat simpler wardrobe.

Who have you taken outfit inspiration from recently?


Outfit Inspiration, Emma Stone

6 thoughts on “Outfit Inspiration, Emma Stone

  1. I adore Emma Stone and her style. Pink and red go so well together, and quite often orange does too! I love her look on the left, she is so lovely. Thank you also for having such a lovely blog to read, I discovered it via a group on IFB and am really enjoying reading it, definitely going to follow to be able to keep up with new content!

    Holly (@pickletreat)

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