Screen Actors Guild Faves, Ladies in White

I was on a plane last night, heading back from San Fransisco, so I missed the SAG Awards (both the red carpet and the awards ceremony itself) but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t totally ready to scope out the fashion when I woke up from my post red eye nap! Here is a short list of some of my favorite looks of the night… and they are all ladies who wore white for the evening!

Lena Headey, Gretchen Mol, Judy Greer

Maybe it’s because I have been eyeballin’ wedding gown lately but I think the ladies that stole the show for me last night were those ladies wearing white. Just like wedding gowns, each of these ladies’ dresses were different from one another and all equally stunning to me. Lena Headey, Gretchen Mol and Judy Greer all had great white gowns. Lena’s had silver beaded sleeves that were reminiscent of flapper era styles. Gretchen’s gown was simple with pops of gold at the waist and collar but for some reason it just really stood out to me. Judy’s dress was lacy, delicate and romantic… and of course she looked beautiful (side bar: I think Judy Greer has gotten better with age. She is lovlier every day.)

Rose Byrne

My favorite look of the night (and I know people will disagree with me on this) was Rose Byrne in an Elie Saab jumpsuit. Her hair gets more adorable every day. The beading on this jumpsuit is divine. her jewelry and clutch are fabulous. I am love love loving this look. Oh and I forgot to mention, that it was white; just plain lovely.

Did you watch the awards show last night? Did you have your favorite looks or themes in the gowns?

Screen Actors Guild Faves, Ladies in White

What is Haute Couture and What’s the Big Deal?

I have been thinking about this since a few weeks back on Project Runway, the designers were making “haute couture” ball gowns for the opera. Anthony Williams said something along the lines of  “these aren’t haute couture, these are pumped up Prom dresses”… which got me thinking, do I even know what the meaning of “HauteCouture” really is? Did a little research and nope, apparently not.

Haute couture (French for “high sewing” or “high dressmaking”; refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. Haute couture is made to order for a specific customer, and it is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Couture is a common abbreviation of haute couture and refers to the same thing in spirit (thank you Wikipedia)

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012
Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to be considered “Haute Couture” and from what I can tell, it looks pretty, pretty, pretty expensive to keep your couture lines going.

  • Design made-to-order for private clients, with one or more fittings.
  • Have a workshop (atelier) in Paris that employs at least fifteen people full-time.
  • Each season (i.e., twice a year), present a collection to the Paris press, comprising at least thirty-five runs/exits with outfits for both daytime wear and evening wear.

I googled around. So it turns out that I am correct, that pulling together 2 fashion shows a year can run upwards of 3 million dollars a piece. Wowzas. It’s not wonder that so many of the Haute Couture fashion houses have closed in order to pursue Ready to Wear (or prêt-à-porter) so that they can actually make money. Currently there are only 12 official members (some of which are Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Givenchy) and many, many more who once were but are no longer (Emilio Pucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Balenciaga to name a few). Other designers use the term “couture” loosely to describe their lines but at the end of the day, the don’t meet the requirements, they don’t get the GLORY *throws glitter*.

Chanel Couture Spring 2011 Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

The idea of couture is fantastic. The clothes are dramatic and wonderful. Haute Couture is how designer fashion really started… and can you imagine having something made just for you and only you by 15 or so Parisians? Yeah, pretty awesome. But as you would have guessed, only about 1% of the world’s population can afford couture (pssst. I am not one of them) so the lines are basically created, at this point, to be for pure showmanship. Hey, if they can afford it, more power to them.

So now when someone says, “That’s so Haute Couture!” you can snootily turn your nose up at them and say “Of course that isn’t Haute Couture, do you even know what couture means?!”

What is Haute Couture and What’s the Big Deal?

First Night of Intro to Creative Fashion Design

Last night was my very first fashion design class. I’ll come right out and say that it was fantastic… but I didn’t think it was going to be. 

On Monday night, I made a “dry run” to campus so that I could find my parking lot, get my student ID and also see exactly where my classroom was going to be, juuuuuust in case I got stuck in traffic and had to sprint to make it to class in time. So surprisingly I made good time, the parking lot was easy to find and it legitimately took me 10 minutes to get my ID, start to finish. It was all rainbows and sausages until I went to find my classroom. The Monday evening class was slated to start and I was horrified with what I saw. The classroom was full to the brim with at least 30-35 people, all of them chattering, giggling and … YOUNG. I left campus defeated and called the man, complaining that I wasn’t going to fit into to my class (even though mine was the Tuesday session). I was going to be the oldest one there, there were going to be so many people that I wouldn’t get individual attention, what would 18 year olds think of me being there? Needless to say, I was pretty bummin’. But the man reminded me that this was something that I wanted to do, that we already paid for it haha and that Monday’s class may not be Tuesday’s class.

Of course, my man is full of wisdom. I attended Tuesday’s class with trepidation but left with excitement. My class has 18 people in it. That is quite a few but when I had 40 in my head, 18 is a relief. I am not the oldest person in my class by 30 years. Yep, there are multiple Moms following their dreams and even a Grandma. There were a handful of young women just like me… working in the corporate world where their creativity is stifled, yet “it pays the bills”. Overall, I am super excited about the diverse group of women (and one strange little man) who are in my Intro to Creative Fashion Design class.

Highlights from my syllabus that make me squeal with delight?

  • 20% of my grade is a Project Runway-esque, unconventional item garment aka Non-Textile. HELLO, now I don’t need an excuse to do it! (ideas on Non-Textile items welcomed because my instructor has “seen it all”)
  • Another 20% of my grade is beading and hand sewing samples. Ummm, really? Amazeballs.
  • I am going to learn to drape and make patterns. You are talking to a flat pattern kind of girl, so this is awesome!
  •  My final project is a garment inspired by a certain fabric, any fabric and you all know I LOVE TO BUY FABRIC. 


    Needless to say, I am excited about the opportunity. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty so to speak, dig in and get working. This is only my first class but I can already feel the creativity surging to my brain, which I assure you, is an awesome feeling.

    So do you guys mind if I update you as I go along?
    First Night of Intro to Creative Fashion Design

    Red Lips, a Rose Byrne Haircut and my New Coat

    So nothing makes me more excited for Winter parties then to get dolled up aka Red lipstick. It’s a total statement and while the man usually thinks it’s too “loud” for normal wear, he is most certainly a fan when we are hitting the town. Even some of my fave celebs rock the look, which in turn, makes me want to pull it off even more. Can you dig? Mama loves Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams.

    I took this look straight into practice this past weekend for the party that I attended. I used my rockin’ Revlon Colorburst in Deep Coral. What else did I rock? I rocked my brand new Rose Byrne inspired haircut… well it isn’t inspired, it’s pretty much a copy cat… but I love it all the same! I am really excited to try it up and down, every which way… well at least for a couple more months until I start growing these bad boys out for the wedding.

    Oh, and you know what else I wore with a fashion passion? I rocked my brand new BB Dakota coat, courtesy of the soon to be Sister in Law. It is Southwestern inspired, faux furtastic and exactly what I wanted. Remember this post? Well the boyfriend (now fiance) did somehow figure out to get me one of these coats haha. I got the BB Dakota Saddle Stripe Coat from Modcloth… and let’s just say that I am in love.

    All these things together, pulled a rocking evening look together (I wore a Rachel Rachel Roy dress if anyone is interested) and I looked fab even in the cold.

    Red Lips, a Rose Byrne Haircut and my New Coat

    Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 3

    So as I start every post, I warn you that I will spoil the episode… so that being said, if you still haven’t seen it, do not read this post… unless, of course, you don’t care about having the winner and loser shown to you in advance. I would also like to apologize if I seem negative about something that I, as a fashion lover, should adore. If something I love disappoints me, then I am going to let it know.

    Oh Project Runway All Stars, how I have a love-hate relationship with you. I love to hate you while watching an entire episode geared towards Miss Piggy, who I generally adore. I love to hate all the designers. I love to hate what divas they have become… I don’t love to hate Host Angela Lindvall though… She seems to have no personality at all.

    Our designers have been tasked with making an outfit for Miss Piggy to promote The Muppets Movie (which has been out for months so I found the timing to be weird). I do love that every single designer seems to embrace this challenge as something fun and out of their comfort zone. I do, however, get irritated by the end of the episode as each and every designer talks about how excited they are to meet Miss Piggy. They are all talking about her as if she was a real person. This is where I feel like I don’t know how to have fun anymore.

    Designer highlights (or lowlights) from this episode?

    Rami Kashou: He was in the top this week for bringing it this challenge. What does Miss Piggy want? I have a feeling she would want over the top. We can thank Rami for going there.

    Kenley Collins: Despite my mild distaste for Kenley, I was digging this pink giraffe print jobbie that she created. It landed her in the top and I would have to agree. It fit the challenge and she did a good job. I also want to ask her what she did with that teal sheer fabric she did not use… because Mama wants the scraps!

    Rami’s Look (Left) and Kenley’s Look (right)

    Michael Costello: And for the win! Surprise it’s Michael Costello. I will admit, I did not think Michael would win this challenge because I felt Rami did an outstanding job making a Piggy-licious frock but Michael;s gorgeous dress won over the judges and I am not disappointed… and way to go Michael. Underdog it is. On a side note: Does Michael’s model look familiar to anyone else? Maybe she was on America’s Top Model? Anyone?

    Michael’s Winning Look

    Anthony Williams: Personally, I thought Anthony had the best design. I actually find myself still thinking about this dress as I am writing this post. It was fun, flirty and totally wearable. I loved everything about it. Unfortunately for me (and Anthony) it was only good enough to keep him safe this week.

    Anthony’s Look

    Austin Scarlett: My dearest Austin… I have not even started my first fashion design class and I could have told you that a bow on either side of Miss Piggy’s hips would be a bad idea. I was saddened yet not surprised when you landed in the bottom three. 

    Mila Hermanovski: All I have to say to Mila is… No single designer is too good for a challenge. Your aesthetic is not Miss Piggy’s aesthetic. I hope being in the bottom three taught you a lesson tonight, Mila.

    Mila’s Look (Left), Austin’s Look (Right)

    Gordana Gehihausen: I was really starting to like Gordana. I think I mentioned before that she might have been forgettable (to me) in her season. In the mere three episodes that she graced Project Runway All Stars, I felt as if she was a solid craftswoman with a good head on her shoulders, something I can totally appreciate. Unfortunately, her design also landed her in the bottom three and unfortunately OUT. When I saw our bottom three (Mila, Austin and Gordana), I knew that Gordana’s fate was sealed…. doesn’t mean I won’t miss her.

    Gordana’s Losing Look

    What did you think of last night’s episode?

    Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 3

    Birchbox, What Do I Think?

    So I have been seeing a little clatter on the internets in regard to Birchbox, and while I am more than likely late for the party, I had to subscribe to this online sample/beauty products type site. I am sure plenty of you already subscribe or have friends who do but if I didn’t know then I am sure there are others that didn’t know either!

    What is Birchbox?

    Birchbox delivers the best products and the best insider secrets, without any fuss. Every month Birchbox members will receive a curated box of luxe beauty samples. Each box will span beauty categories and deliver exciting products that fit into both your day-to-day routine, and into those days when you want to turn up the drama a notch.

     It’s $10 a month and while I did have my reservations, I still wanted to give it a shot because #1 I love to get mail and #2 I do love trying new beauty products. I placed my subscription order (a non-commital $10 a month because I wanted to be able to cancel if I absolutely hated it) on January 6th and I received my first package on January 13th so, the subscription did not take that long to activate and I received my first box pretty quickly.

    Not knowing what to expect, I hurriedly brought my package upstairs from the mail and carefully opened it. Yes, I really like mail.

     Excited already, because man if they don’t package this shiz so cutely!

    I was immediately excited when I open the box, mainly because I am OBSESSED with Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal and literally had just run out of it. Also, I do love me some Zoya nail polish so, again, an immediate plus. Additional items that I found interesting, well, because they were included were VMV Hypoallergenic Re-Everything Eye Serum, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy and ‘wichcraft granola from Tom Colicchio… oh and a recap of what their “goal” is with this particular “Birchbox”.

    Was this particular sample box worth the $10 I spent on it? I would say yes. I liked enough in the box, this time around, to be really excited about what they are going to throw my way next month. Also, apparently if you like any of your samples enough, you can go to Birchbox and purchase the full size product. Your purchases will earn you points towards sweet moola on future purchases so it seems like an interesting site to explore.

    Have you used Birchbox? Are you a fan or do you tell peeps to steer clear?

    Birchbox, What Do I Think?