Jason Wu has a Big Week

Jason Wu had a big week this week. His Jason Wu for Target launch was successful (as expected), driving people to Targets nationwide and Target online handled themselves much better this time around. Add Jason Wu’s Fall 2012 collection to the mix (which was all up in my Twitter feed today) and you have a banner week for the main man.

Photos: Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com

People were raving about the militaristic jackets, the smoking silhouettes and the fabrics, oh the fabrics. From Wintery greys and blacks to red Chinese inspired prints, the collection was cohesive and had a voice. Even in colder months, this collection would keep a girl warm and looking fantastic. Ugh (in a good way).

Photos: Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com
Photos: Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com

I love the silken fabrics, the rich velvet, the black gloves. What a dramatic collection and simply crowd pleasing for Jason Wu fans out there.  I could definitely see myself fitting any of the grey/black pieces into a professional wardrobe, the fur collared jackets into evening wear. Overall, the line really impressed me and did what it should do, leave me wanting more.

These are the times that I love when designers do collabs with places like Target. Yes, it may drive the masses crazy with “must have this” but it gives us regular gals the opportunity to own a little piece of something special. I can’t afford a floor length velvet Jason Wu gown but I can grab a pleated black skirt and feel like a million bucks wearing it.

What did you think about Jason Wu’s Fall 2012 collection/ Jason Wu for Target?
Jason Wu has a Big Week

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