Prabal Gurung, Ugh Extravagance!

One of my most anticipated shows of the season had to be Prabal Gurungs Fall 2012 line, mostly because he has had me obsessing over Rooney Mara’s red carpet looks (see many previous posts on Rooney Mara and how much I heart her) and also Zoë Saldana has been sporting him recently (she sat front row at this show). His clothes have been daring, his prints imaginative and more importantly, the clothes are just plain pleasing to the eye… described this collection as “Hell and heaven. Prabal Gurung‘s Fall collection made that journey, starting off all black, traveling through a blue period, and culminating in a finale of gold and ivory worthy of the pearly gates”. I couldn’t have put it any better. 

Photos: Marcus Tondo /

Sleek, sexy silhouettes, sheer cutouts and masterful beading were some of my favorite aspects of the line but there were also elements that I was not a huge fan of. Take for instance, his high fashion sweatshirt. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some sweats, but on the runway, this look just threw me off. I know it may not be actual cotton but it looked like a run of the mill Hanes with an applique. Paired with gloves and the shine of the royal blue skirt, I thought this was a miss.

Photos: Marcus Tondo /

Once I was past the sweatshirt, the remainder of the collection lifted me right back up. He played with prints but the looks that impressed me more were anything that had intricate beading, especially his final number in white. I see Oscar gown written all over this. Overall, I was not disappointed with the Fall/Winter line and am excited to see who will be wearing Prabal Gurung in the future.

Photos: Marcus Tondo /

Photos: Marcus Tondo /

Photos: Marcus Tondo /
What did you think of Prabal Gurung’s latest line? A Hit or a Miss?
Prabal Gurung, Ugh Extravagance!

3 thoughts on “Prabal Gurung, Ugh Extravagance!

  1. Kathryn Kattalia says:

    Oh, I'm torn. There were certain looks I absolutely adored (that gold coat omg) but when I wasn't busy thinking, gee, these prints look a whole lot like last season's prints, I was thinking, gee, these laser cut dresses sort of reek of Ricardo Tisci. Still gorgeous though. And I loved the peacock eye makeup!

  2. See I am of the belief that you can use your “signature” prints more than once (plus he apparently made some bank on those prints), so that wasn't offensive to me… You aren't the only one to see the Tisci similarities but maybe I just am in a Prabal haze of love. Eh, I feel like Givenchy and Prabal Gurung are different enough for it to be OK.

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