A Creative Odyssey: *Crafty Goals for 2011

Jessica over at Epheriell Designs has enlisted the help of fellow bloggers to throw a totally tubular blog hopping event entitled “A Creative Odyssey” (so fantastical, right?)… Obviously, I had to get in on that biz because I am ever yearning to develop into the creative genious that I have always dreamed of being. (Yes, that was a tad dramatic.)

I decided to jot down my goals as they came to me so will present them in the order in which they were received.

*First of all my crafting skillz checklist: As you can see, there are multiple things I want to learn this year. Above all else? I want to expand my creative toolbox. It is important to explore other ways of creating so in the very least you can appreciate others for being good at something that you may not be able to master. I want to really try to learn as much as possible to then really get a hold on what I LOVE to do more than anything else. And also? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, am I right? So… I am going to try it!

*Encourage others to grow creatively. I have heard a couple of my friends express to me that they feel like they need a creative outlet, they see my blog or the things I make and feel like they should try to find something they love… and you know what? I am all for it. I think it’s important for us crafty folk to ensure that our community grows and flourishes and this includes encouraging those closest to us. Sometimes (and I know this from experience)it’s tough to be ourselves and shout from the rooftops that we are creative, hear us roar! Everyone can use encouragement at one time or another so one of my goals is to give words of encouragement freely this year, even when I am feeling like a curmudgeon.

*Be giving. Don’t let anyone tell you that volunteering or doing good deeds has nothing to do with creativity. After a day of volunteering with Big Sister or with some of my other faves, I just feel like a million bucks! When I feel like a million bucks, I am motivated to do other great and awesome things which may include crafting things with my hands… Any way you slice it, giving of oneself is good for the soul… and in turn that cannot be bad for your creative soul.

* Support local and handmade artistry. After doing the blog hop with Anglea of The Artist’s House (ala A Crafty Holiday), I am totally more aware of the love and creative energy that is put into every handmade item. The handmade community is HUGE and deserves to be explored! Whether from Etsy or at a local craft fair, I have made a pledge to support those who are cut from the same cloth as myself. Practice what you preach and I am preaching handmade more than ever this year.

*Stay true to myself. If I feel pressure of any sort, I might rush or force myself to cut corners where they creatively shouldn’t be cut. I need to be true to myself and as chintzy as that sounds, I stand by it. I will work on my craft for as long as it takes me and always do what feels right. While constructive comments are great sometimes, I vow to go with my gut and forge ahead into the crafty beyond.

*Somehow work Celine Dion into a craft project. I love Celine Dion and somehow, I will figure this out. 😉

Check out my partner in blogging crime today, Spokes ‘N’ Daggers for a different perspective on A Creative Odyssey. I can’t wait to check it out! Also, be sure to swing by Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming and Jane at Life at Number 8 for their posts tomorrow! Yay!

Let the creative juices flow, people. 
A Creative Odyssey: *Crafty Goals for 2011