Exploring Boston via Ducktour, Check!

Sooooo one of the many things I want to do before we leave New England was a ducktour through Boston and is of course the best land/sea tour in the area (don’t be fooled by the super duck tours)… The man’s friends coming from Maryland and a super awesome Buywithme coupon and we were booked on a Sunday afternoon Ducktour…

It was rainy (hence the lack of pictures) but we had an awesome time.

The ride consisted of a ride through Boston historic landmarks and a guided tour of sorts (our guide was a bit of a joker so I am unsure if some of what he said was true or not…

*The only thing we didn’t enjoy about this? Were the Kardashian’s sitting in the front row… you’d think we were interrupting their Ducktour…

We considered this a great double date and I scratched one more off my list of things to do before leaving New England! Hollaaaaaa!

List Update:
1. Climb Mt. Monadnok
2. Holiday trip to Yankee Candle
3. Portland, ME weekend
4. Touring Newport RI
5. Great Barrington Farmer’s Market
6. King Richard’s Fair
7. Topsfield Fair
8. New England Sports Games
9.Vermont Foliage
10. Chipmunks Adventure Stylie Hot Air Ballon Ride
11. Duck Tour

Exploring Boston via Ducktour, Check!

Near Perfect Day Date!

I don’t know why I want to share this nearly perfect day date with you…but I will. So it’s restaurant week here in Boston so manfriend and I decided to partake in a little yum yums for less than usual, ala price fixe menus at some swanky swank establishments. We made lunch reservations at The Chart House on the waterfront, planned to “wing it” in Boston until our dinner reservations at Lineage in Brookline. Well let me just say that having those two bookend meal reservations not only gave us freedom but also day date creativity for a trip into Beantown.

We got our morning coffee at Starbucks; manfriend ran in and took so long, I had a lot of time to do the following photoshoot with my Blackberry; please note that any extended amount of time waiting + brand new Coral colored lipstick = America’s Next Top Model moments:

We had an absolutely lovely lunch at The Chart House. Our meals, a combination of Lobster roll and Tilapia, clam chowder and Boston Creme Pie (which we took to go), we “yum yummers” as the man would say. We took a walk around, with the wind whipping, did a mini photo shoot and grabbed our car from the valet. It was decidedly too windy on the waterfront. We headed inland.

The original plan was to try and catch The King’s Speech or an indie film at Coolidge Corner but but we took our time getting there and the shows were already sold out. Oh well, there was plenty to walk around and see. We went to a comic books store (yes a comic book store) and wouldn’t you know that I was the only one to make a purchase. I needed reading material for a business trip, people!

We then decided to just walk around and see where the mood took us… and the mood took me right into Pier 1 Imports, much to manfriend’s dismay… buuuuuuuuuuut we did come out with these awesome fishy votive holders for our “by the sea” themed upstairs bathroom and this ginormous birdie soap dispenser that we just had to have, for our downstairs bathroom, theme be damned!

Next we went to an awesome papercraft and gifts shop called Paper Source where I picked up a card for Emma, some stickers, and some stamping materials. I was giddy with girly delight while manfriend was merely along for the ride…

Here is where we lost our steam… with nearly 2 hours until our dinner reservation, the wind a whipping and me with packing left to do, we decided to cancel our dinner reservations. We vowed to come back to Lineage very soon but just didn’t have the walking and waiting in us for the rest of the day. We ended up getting Thai, watching Extras and relaxing on our last night together before I left town… Sometimes the best laid plans don’t pan out but this nearly perfect day date did, even with the canceled dinner reservations.

Near Perfect Day Date!

Growing My Family

This past Thanksgiving, Manfriend and I packed up our carry ons and headed to the airport. This was to be my first trip to Colorado. I was also meeting manfriend’s Grandpa for the first time and spending a lot of one on one time with his mom, aunt, sharing a hotel room with his sister and so on and so forth… eeeeek… but you know what? Any fears I had about it being akward or something along those lines… was just plain ridiculous. I needed to look at this sort of thing like this… I am growing my family. Family is awesome (most of the time) and we should cherish those we have had and cherish those we are with and call the ones we are far from and write letters and send texts and think nice thoughts and spend all the time we can with those we love. This was no different. So what we were just lounging about and watching tv, we were spending quality time together. There may or may not have been some napping involved as well. Napping is considered quality time as long as you are all doing it at the same time 😉

Some highlights?

The uncomfortable “couple” photo where we pretend to like eachother

The “let’s act crazy for the camera” photo

Photo op with the dog photo

Pretend I am a professional photographer photos

Growing My Family

NYC Jaunt!

This past weekend, manfriend and I hopped on the Amtrak from Providence and jaunted down to NYC for the weekend. One of my besties Nathalie and her man, Dave, moved to Brooklyn this past summer and we hadn’t seen them in MONTHS! Gah! Nat and I share a mutual love of Kate Nash (as she is amazing, check her out) and Kate just happened to be playing in NYC (perfect!) sooooooo what better excuse to head down, right?

Manfriend had never really experienced NY so Nat and Dave offered to explore the city with us and it was just plain fun. Obvi, Manfriend and I are tiiiiiiiiiired but that being said, we had an awesome time; so it was totally worth it.

Highlights, you ask?

Kate Nash at Terminal 5… please do yourself a favor and look her up!

Manfriend and I in Times Square

Nat and I in our hand crotcheted hats from Nepal!

Big Bird Sighting in Central Park!

This is that bull on Wall Street… there were too many people taking pictures in front.

So obvi, we plan to head back to visit them in the near future and take in a show. Now that we know how easy it was to get in and out by train (we highly recommend the ease of travel), we will be making it a habit to get out more. Gah, I miss Nathalie so much already!

NYC Jaunt!

Caught in a Hat

Manfriend caught me in an awkward state but yet both mittens and hat are prominently displayed here

Manfriend and I went to NYC this weekend to visit my friend Nathalie and her manfriend(full on exploration post to come) but I could not wait to share the one and only thing that I spent money on (besides food, drink and transportation): This hat and matching fingerless mittens, hand crocheted in Nepal and hand warming my heart. Can you believe how unbelievably adorable I look in this matching handmade set? I know… don’t be jealous. To boot? All of Nirvanna Designs products are supporting local women in Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand. Gotta love it.

Caught in a Hat

Exploring the Fingah Lakes

This past weekend, manfriend and I took a wine getaway with his best friend and his wifey… we ventured off to the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY. This was along the same lines as the trip with my family to the outer banks of NC. We just wanted to see things that we don’t normally see…. and of course, taste wines that we don’t normally taste. (wink wink) We came home with 27 bottles of wine (not all for us and of course, some to share with others) and could have come home with more but we practiced a little restraint. (Yeeeeeeah, right)

View of Keuka Lake from Bully Hill Vineyards

 It truly was a getaway and being that I carry that camera with me everywhere, I took pictures of anything and everything that I wanted to remember. The beautiful sites, the awesome vineyards, the people and the random doll that had been tied to a tree for what looked like years. I kid you not, see below.

We could not decide if this poor child was wearing a Patriots or a Giants jersey (we thought more likely the latter) but one thing we did know is that this doll could have never been really lovable with that expression stuck on its face.

Thankfully Jessica (manfriend’s best friend’s wifey) was all about the photo shoots as well so I did not feel like such a nag when I asked manfriend to man the camera for what seemed like a million pictures (it only ended up being about 150 but who is counting anyways?)

Oh yes, we frolicked in the vines

I stealthily caught the woman below at one of the vineyards we went to. Her entire group had draped themselves in fake grapes, wine corks, vines, leaves, twigs, berries… you name it, they were wearing it. While I thought they were fun loving, they were also a VERY large group and made me a little claustrophobic… good thing there was wine there.

Just looking I can see leaves, a cork, what looks to be a gourd and a fake hair braid running along the backside of her hat. Gotta love the creativity!

 It was a fantastic trip with good friends, good wine, good food and good fun. We are talking about hitting up another lake next year, perhaps the one with the cheese trail? Mmmmmm Cheese, a girl can dream!

We look all romantical but I think I was giving him a hard time here…
Exploring the Fingah Lakes

Exploring the Outah Banks, NC

Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kitty Hawk, NC- We don’t normally see that

See Things That You Don’t Normally See… that was my family’s motto after we went to the Outer Banks for my sister’s birthday weekend. We have the tendency to want to relax when we are together, especially when we are getting away from our normal, hectic day to day lives. But this trip, we powered through some sight seeing and were certainly better for it. I think that I will take that little motto on my daily excursions and might have a better attitude about getting lost or being detoured on a country road. I don’t normally see it; I should try to enjoy it.

The boulder signified where these dudes actually took off for the first time. There were the old rails and everything there. Certainly was pretty cool to imagine being there that day…

Believe it or not, it took us quite a bit of maneuvering to shimmy up on top of this massive metal structure all so my mother could have her picture.

Climbing to the top of this lighthouse certainly helped work off the seafood dinner we had the night before… but the view was quite worth it.
A family trip to remember… and we didn’t even fight once 😉
Exploring the Outah Banks, NC