Nicholas K Fall 2012 Cowboys Up

Nicholas K’s collection came out with guns a blazin’ today for the Fall 2012 runway show. Bad ass hats, ponchos, holsters in dusty grays and browns, all made their way down the runway at The Studio at Lincoln Center today.

The styling was rough and tumble, the make up rusty and dark. My boyfriend would be proud of me for having the following thought: The collection summoned the world of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Cowboy mixed with a sort of post- apocalyptic thing. Yes, I know how strange that sounded and yes, I know only nerds will get my reference.

Photos by Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America

However literal some of the elements in this collection were, there were also details that I thought were clever and imaginative. Take for instance the turtle shell necklace that some of the models donned. The pieces were not part of the Nicholas K line but rather were designed by Jewelry by Matt out of NYC and he is sure to get some much deserved attention for these gooooorgeous pieces! Not something that I would personally wear but in this collection, it really made an impression because the shells themselves were an interesting enough piece to draw the eye and compliment the designer’s vision.

Photos by Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America

Bad ass hats were another big thrill for me here. Both the male and female models wore androgynous black and tan cowboy hats over poncho hoods and hair alike. Tell me when you look at these photos, that these hats are boring. With these looks? Nope, they are pretty fu$%in’ bad ass.

Photos by Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America
Photos by Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America
 What did you think of the collection?

Nicholas K Fall 2012 Cowboys Up

Corey Lynn Calter Fall 2012

Today was the first day of Merceded Benz  Fashion Week Fall 2012 and down at Pier 59, the collection that stood out most to this blogger, was under way. I am talking about the goods from designer Corey Lynn Calter. Her presentation was like “BOOM, here I am!” not just in vibrant colors but in the interesting prints and, subsequently, the pairing of the two. What I really, really loved most? Was that if worn with confidence, any regular gal could pull off these looks. These really are ready to wear.

Joe Kohen/Getty Images North America 

Joe Kohen/Getty Images North America
Joe Kohen/Getty Images North America
Ben-Amun provided the strong gold accents for Corey Lynn Calter looks in statement necklaces, bangles and earrings.  Chunky Italian resin bangles gave a young at heart feel to color blocked and whimsical patterned dresses while links and hammered gold tribal necklaces lay perfectly against silk button downs and trouser shorts paired with brightly hued tights. 

Add a little, tiny bit nerdy, with a dash of edge and a touch of vintage flare and you have one righteous collection. My favorite pieces, as in I would want to call them my very own? The tangerine trousers, ANY of the clutches and the red orange caplet with gold buttons. Ugh, so dreamy. Corey’s pieces have been sold in stores such as Barney’s, Macys and Nordstrom as well as a fan favorite, Anthropologie… so I will most definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for a piece or *two to come into my life within the next year.

Joe Kohen/Getty Images North America

*Note to self: Start saving bottle and cans for recycling. We will need those deposits back.

Corey Lynn Calter Fall 2012

Positve Reinforcement a la Creative Fashion Design

So last night, I had my third Fashion Design class. I am obviously trying to still manage the stress of trying to be “competitive” and “creative”, being back in school, wondering if I am good enough and all those insecurities that I have, that really, no one but me can understand. The drive in to Boston after work on Tuesdays has just begun to be irritating because contrary to what I believed to be true, traffic goes both ways at rush hour. Also, sitting in work clothes for another 6 hours is uncool. Do see where I am going here? I can certainly pick out the negative in any situation.

Last night’s class, we were going to do a few different things. On the docket was learning to use the school’s sewing machines (home and industrial sewing), a worksheet on color blocking and also having individual consultations with our teacher about our non-textile projects (what we planned to use, our design, possible difficulties). I was not the first to go up to talk to teach about our plans. What I was hearing with the first few people were negative negatives… “That material will be hard to work with”, “This is boring”, “I am expecting more from you in this class”, “I don’t like this design”… I don’t know if it’s because Tuesday is my teacher’s “long” day or if she was just plain cranky, but she was not hiding her feelings at all. I was pretty much freaking out that I just signed up for a class that I wasn’t good enough for.

So then it was my turn. I had put together the materials that I had bought at Dollar Tree (for only $26 dollars, people) which included tea bags, coffee filters, cabinet liners (in this light pink/beige/pistachio color) and this eucalyptus that had been spray painted gold. I glued a sample of each to a piece of sketch paper and then proceeded to design a dress using those materials on the same piece of paper. Here is a shot of what I showed her.

She looked at it, let me explain what I was planning on doing, then looked me in the eyes and told me she loved it. She loved the materials, thought they would work well and thought the design was fantastic. It was really opposite of what she had told the first 6 or 7 people, so I really trusted that she meant it. She did make mention of my sketch having “Lois Griffin” hair, which amused the class but only gave me one constructive remark and that was to think about adding a little color. I am not going to lie, I was pretty, pretty, pretty stoked at the feedback. She did give a couple other people some really positive remarks but I am pretty sure I was one of her top 3, second only to a girl who had already started cross hooking streamer and the lone man in our class who worked his design out in CAD.

And just like that, with a little positive reinforcement, the traffic, uncomfortable work clothes* and insecurities sort of flew out the window. I needed some self confidence in the form of support from someone else, whose creative opinions matter to me. That little push was the fuel I needed to get this fashion train chugga chugga choo-chooing along!

* I have decided that I will pack a bag every Tuesday with Yoga pants and sneaks… I don’t care, comfort is key.

Positve Reinforcement a la Creative Fashion Design

First Night of Intro to Creative Fashion Design

Last night was my very first fashion design class. I’ll come right out and say that it was fantastic… but I didn’t think it was going to be. 

On Monday night, I made a “dry run” to campus so that I could find my parking lot, get my student ID and also see exactly where my classroom was going to be, juuuuuust in case I got stuck in traffic and had to sprint to make it to class in time. So surprisingly I made good time, the parking lot was easy to find and it legitimately took me 10 minutes to get my ID, start to finish. It was all rainbows and sausages until I went to find my classroom. The Monday evening class was slated to start and I was horrified with what I saw. The classroom was full to the brim with at least 30-35 people, all of them chattering, giggling and … YOUNG. I left campus defeated and called the man, complaining that I wasn’t going to fit into to my class (even though mine was the Tuesday session). I was going to be the oldest one there, there were going to be so many people that I wouldn’t get individual attention, what would 18 year olds think of me being there? Needless to say, I was pretty bummin’. But the man reminded me that this was something that I wanted to do, that we already paid for it haha and that Monday’s class may not be Tuesday’s class.

Of course, my man is full of wisdom. I attended Tuesday’s class with trepidation but left with excitement. My class has 18 people in it. That is quite a few but when I had 40 in my head, 18 is a relief. I am not the oldest person in my class by 30 years. Yep, there are multiple Moms following their dreams and even a Grandma. There were a handful of young women just like me… working in the corporate world where their creativity is stifled, yet “it pays the bills”. Overall, I am super excited about the diverse group of women (and one strange little man) who are in my Intro to Creative Fashion Design class.

Highlights from my syllabus that make me squeal with delight?

  • 20% of my grade is a Project Runway-esque, unconventional item garment aka Non-Textile. HELLO, now I don’t need an excuse to do it! (ideas on Non-Textile items welcomed because my instructor has “seen it all”)
  • Another 20% of my grade is beading and hand sewing samples. Ummm, really? Amazeballs.
  • I am going to learn to drape and make patterns. You are talking to a flat pattern kind of girl, so this is awesome!
  •  My final project is a garment inspired by a certain fabric, any fabric and you all know I LOVE TO BUY FABRIC. 


    Needless to say, I am excited about the opportunity. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty so to speak, dig in and get working. This is only my first class but I can already feel the creativity surging to my brain, which I assure you, is an awesome feeling.

    So do you guys mind if I update you as I go along?
    First Night of Intro to Creative Fashion Design

    Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 3

    So as I start every post, I warn you that I will spoil the episode… so that being said, if you still haven’t seen it, do not read this post… unless, of course, you don’t care about having the winner and loser shown to you in advance. I would also like to apologize if I seem negative about something that I, as a fashion lover, should adore. If something I love disappoints me, then I am going to let it know.

    Oh Project Runway All Stars, how I have a love-hate relationship with you. I love to hate you while watching an entire episode geared towards Miss Piggy, who I generally adore. I love to hate all the designers. I love to hate what divas they have become… I don’t love to hate Host Angela Lindvall though… She seems to have no personality at all.

    Our designers have been tasked with making an outfit for Miss Piggy to promote The Muppets Movie (which has been out for months so I found the timing to be weird). I do love that every single designer seems to embrace this challenge as something fun and out of their comfort zone. I do, however, get irritated by the end of the episode as each and every designer talks about how excited they are to meet Miss Piggy. They are all talking about her as if she was a real person. This is where I feel like I don’t know how to have fun anymore.

    Designer highlights (or lowlights) from this episode?

    Rami Kashou: He was in the top this week for bringing it this challenge. What does Miss Piggy want? I have a feeling she would want over the top. We can thank Rami for going there.

    Kenley Collins: Despite my mild distaste for Kenley, I was digging this pink giraffe print jobbie that she created. It landed her in the top and I would have to agree. It fit the challenge and she did a good job. I also want to ask her what she did with that teal sheer fabric she did not use… because Mama wants the scraps!

    Rami’s Look (Left) and Kenley’s Look (right)

    Michael Costello: And for the win! Surprise it’s Michael Costello. I will admit, I did not think Michael would win this challenge because I felt Rami did an outstanding job making a Piggy-licious frock but Michael;s gorgeous dress won over the judges and I am not disappointed… and way to go Michael. Underdog it is. On a side note: Does Michael’s model look familiar to anyone else? Maybe she was on America’s Top Model? Anyone?

    Michael’s Winning Look

    Anthony Williams: Personally, I thought Anthony had the best design. I actually find myself still thinking about this dress as I am writing this post. It was fun, flirty and totally wearable. I loved everything about it. Unfortunately for me (and Anthony) it was only good enough to keep him safe this week.

    Anthony’s Look

    Austin Scarlett: My dearest Austin… I have not even started my first fashion design class and I could have told you that a bow on either side of Miss Piggy’s hips would be a bad idea. I was saddened yet not surprised when you landed in the bottom three. 

    Mila Hermanovski: All I have to say to Mila is… No single designer is too good for a challenge. Your aesthetic is not Miss Piggy’s aesthetic. I hope being in the bottom three taught you a lesson tonight, Mila.

    Mila’s Look (Left), Austin’s Look (Right)

    Gordana Gehihausen: I was really starting to like Gordana. I think I mentioned before that she might have been forgettable (to me) in her season. In the mere three episodes that she graced Project Runway All Stars, I felt as if she was a solid craftswoman with a good head on her shoulders, something I can totally appreciate. Unfortunately, her design also landed her in the bottom three and unfortunately OUT. When I saw our bottom three (Mila, Austin and Gordana), I knew that Gordana’s fate was sealed…. doesn’t mean I won’t miss her.

    Gordana’s Losing Look

    What did you think of last night’s episode?

    Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 3

    2012 Golden Globes, My Best and Worst

    Well the awards season as officially taken off… and I am excited for the fashion! Let’s talk 2012 Golden Globe awards! Best and Worst, GO!

    Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

    Best: *Claire Danes in J. Mendel looks edgy and sophisticated at the same time. This dress is structured and sexy in the places that certainly fit Claire (hello back and bum).

    *Selma Hayak in Gucci makes me actually love sequins and shine. Her dress may not be the most inventive but I think she looks gorgeous.

    Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America, Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

    Best: *Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci is a vision. I know the feathers might not be for everyone but she truly embraces being fashion forward and Lordy, I love her!  

    *Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann. Dude, you have got to give her mad fashion props. She looks F.I.E.R.C.E and makes a feminine color look almost masculine. Am I right? 

    *Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen looks happy and she wears it well. Almost like Jessica Rabbit (in a good way), she looks sexy and classy. Tousled hair? I approve.

    Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America,

    Best: *Emma Stone in Lanvin, there is nothing wrong with this look. That belt? Genious. The colorblocking? Genious. She is most definitely a stunner. Now, I didn’t notice  

    *Laura Dern‘s dress until she won her Golden Globe but I am really digging the green beaded jersey number. Who designed it? I couldn’t tell you. Like I said, I missed her on the red carpet. 

    *Michelle Williams in Jason Wu. The reason I love this gown so much is that it is so different from everything that everyone else is wearing. Navy, velvet cutouts? Yeah, I didn’t think I would love it that much either. I definitely feel her channeling Mia Farrow this go around.

    Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America, Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America

    Best Hair: *Charlize Theron and her glittery headband/ side bun type look.  *Kate Winslet’s side waves and effortless elegance.  *Tilda Swinton’s shaved up the side, volume on the top jobbie… something we all wish we had the balls for.

    Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America, Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

    Worst: *Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen. I don’t know if it’s her purply gray hair or that the dress seems like it needed to be steamed a little more but I just think she looks off and not nearly as fabulous as she could. Not a win, Kelly. 

    *Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lhuillier… gasp! This is not the way to make your red carpet comeback SMG. While I don’t hate the blue and white dye effect that much, I just think this dress to puffy and had it been more fit and flare, I wouldn’t detest it so much. It’s just a lot. Zoom in and her makeup is all blue and sparkly too. Just not as classy as I would like…

    …. and as much as I hate to do this, *Zooey Deschanel. From her side bangs, to the collar to the front of that dress… I get she was going for “cute, zany girl” but I don’t understand the white/silvery collar to the lime green then I think olive green… and I know it’s Prada, but I still don’t like it.

    Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America

    Worst: *Lea Michele looks like a hot silver feathery mess in Marchesa. I don’t get it and I don’t get people’s obsession with her. Dare I say it’s kind of a little whore-ish (sorry Marchesa!)… 

    I know I will get some heat for this but I am not feeling *Angelina Jolie‘s look this year. In her Atelier Versace, it’s like the red was an afterthought and just thrown on. While I don’t mind that she matched her purse and lips to the dress, why not wear the red shoes to boot? It almost seems disjointed without it. Yeah, I just think she has looked better and I don’t understand why more fashionistas didn’t question the taste of this… are we scared of Angelina? (a post for another day)

    *Diana Agron, you are so cute, why the crazy red, lacy, ruffled, cutout concoction? It’s just far too much. I am not familiar with Giles but I am not impressed.

    Do you have your favorites that I am missing? Do you disagree with my best and worst?

    2012 Golden Globes, My Best and Worst

    Rooney Mara Update: She Still Rocks

    Wellp guys, Rooney Mara is still rocking some hard core premiere fashion. Whoever her stylist is… is pure genius, making Rooney feminine but also keeping in the “theme” of her movie, adding a little edge and masculine energy to her Red Carpet looks.

    Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images Europe

    What do you think of her  look at the Paris premiere? Louis Vuitton? Yes, please. She looks fab in my book.

    Rooney Mara Update: She Still Rocks

    The Year of Doing it All

    So as most of you already know, the engagement to be married has become a focal point in my life in the past few weeks but something else has come to a head, and that is my life long dream of going to school for Fashion Design…. something that I have just become acutely aware of still being my dream.

    Upon graduating from High School, I did apply to colleges based on this dream, being accepted into multiple fashion design programs but when it all came down to it, my family and I decided that going into a Business program would be a more marketable degree something I could work with in many, many different fields. When you are 17/18 years old, you make decisions based on silly things and in looking back, I wish I could have given myself a couple of pointers. In the end, I chose to go to the school that I did based on how many girls from my High School were going there. In retrospect? Not the greatest reason to choose a college but had I to do it over again, I would make the same decision. I met some of the greatest people I know and some of the best friends I will ever have by going to that school.

    As for my degree? I do not regret the decision to go to school for business. When I graduated, I got a job almost immediately. Actually, if I recall correctly, I started working before I even got my actual diploma. Then when the economy tanked, I still remained employed, which was a blessing. I sincerely believe that my business degree has made me more marketable and perhaps a more sound investment to employers… fast forward to present day. I am pretty successful for my late 20’s but when I actual drive to work, plunk down at my computer and do my actual job, am I that excited to do it? No, not at all. I have this blog, which I love, but I want to be doing something amazeballs with my time, all the time. Whether that is designing fashion? Or working with my business degree in a fashion environment, I don’t know but I do know it’s something I want to pursue.

    I am older and wiser. This year, I want to go to school for Fashion Design. I have a business degree behind me. Let’s get ‘er done. This year, I want to put a lot of effort into planning a fantastic wedding and not forget about the man who is the one who gave me the ring. This year, I want to be an amazing bridesmaid to my good friend Nathalie, who asked me to be in her September wedding before I even knew about mine. This year, I want to build this blog into something more; I want it to take on a life of it’s own (hopefully somewhat organically). This Spring, I want to go on a vacation to Iceland with my man and his bestie/bestie’s wife… That may seem like a lot to plan around in one year but I say, why not try to have it all? 

    I just enrolled in my first class of the Fashion Design Graduate Certificate Program at Mass College of Art and Design in Boston. The program requires that you take one of the preliminary courses and then apply to the bigger program once you pass that first class. I am taking Intro to Creative Fashion Design this Spring semester with the hopes of taking Fashion Illustration this Summer before I even get into to the program. I would take the Fall off, as I have Nathalie’s wedding, possibly my own and the Holidays to plan for. I would also be applying with my portfolio in November so, I think I will probably need some time for that as well. Any way you slice it, I am pretty darn excited about exploring this opportunity that my life and business degree have afforded me.

    I am not about New Year’s resolutions this year… I am about living my life to the fullest and pursuing things I want to do all the time (if possible)… Why resolve to do things, when you can just do them? We shall see how long I can keep this motivation up and I am sure there will be some days where I will need help keeping positive but I am excited to pursue my dreams, marry the man of my dreams, create memories and keep you all updated on the pursuit of my new degree.

    What are your hopes for this year? What do you hope to accomplish?
    The Year of Doing it All