Red Lips, a Rose Byrne Haircut and my New Coat

So nothing makes me more excited for Winter parties then to get dolled up aka Red lipstick. It’s a total statement and while the man usually thinks it’s too “loud” for normal wear, he is most certainly a fan when we are hitting the town. Even some of my fave celebs rock the look, which in turn, makes me want to pull it off even more. Can you dig? Mama loves Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams.

I took this look straight into practice this past weekend for the party that I attended. I used my rockin’ Revlon Colorburst in Deep Coral. What else did I rock? I rocked my brand new Rose Byrne inspired haircut… well it isn’t inspired, it’s pretty much a copy cat… but I love it all the same! I am really excited to try it up and down, every which way… well at least for a couple more months until I start growing these bad boys out for the wedding.

Oh, and you know what else I wore with a fashion passion? I rocked my brand new BB Dakota coat, courtesy of the soon to be Sister in Law. It is Southwestern inspired, faux furtastic and exactly what I wanted. Remember this post? Well the boyfriend (now fiance) did somehow figure out to get me one of these coats haha. I got the BB Dakota Saddle Stripe Coat from Modcloth… and let’s just say that I am in love.

All these things together, pulled a rocking evening look together (I wore a Rachel Rachel Roy dress if anyone is interested) and I looked fab even in the cold.

Red Lips, a Rose Byrne Haircut and my New Coat

Thankful for so Much, it’s Ridiculous

Thanksgiving is this week and yes, I am excited to eat some turkey and mashed taters, mmmmm. I am also excited about having a four day weekend and for some time with fabulous friends but this time of year we are always asked what we are thankful for. For me? It is so many things…

I am thankful for wine. Wine helps to relax me after a long day at work. Our mutual love of wine tastings brought me and my man together and is still a staple in our diet ­čśë We even have a wine refrigerator. Wine is good. I am thankful for sweaters as they not only keep us warm when it is cold outside but sweaters are pretty much my favorite clothing items to wear. I know I am lucky to be able to buy a sweater when I want one. Sweaters are good. I am thankful for dogs, mainly my Shetland Sheepdog. Henry (not shown here) is a great companion and even when I am having a “fat day”, Henry loves me just as much as always no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Dogs are good. I am thankful for family. Without my family, I would not be me. I have my mother’s looks and my grandmother’s chest, my aunt’s love of fun…. I love my family even when I don’t like my family. I know that they will always be there for me and I also know that I should be thankful for every single day that I have with the. Family is good. I am thankful for Holidays like Thanksgiving where friends and family can come over and we have an excuse to eat, drink and spend the whole day together, mayhap sprinkling in the random nap. Holidays are most certainly good.

I am thankful for shoes. I know that it’s so superficial to be thankful for shoes but dagnabbit they make me so very happy. It’s something that the man just doesn’t understand. Shoes are good. I am thankful for my job. While I don’t particularly love my job, I am thankful to have it. In searching for a new job, I have realized how friggin’ hard it is out there right now. Jobs are good to have. I am thankful for accessories, especially sassy accessories. Accessories can help us to express ourselves and also snazz up any outfit if placed correctly and with confidence. Accessories are most definitely good. I am very thankful for coffee. You can ask the man how cranky I get without my coffee. I know it’s not great to have vices but this one is most certainly mine. I am thankful to drink it every day and have a quick pick me up when I need it. Coffee is good. I am thankful for friends. My friends, like my family, are my rock. I have some really, really great friends who I can confide in, who I can laugh with, who I can go out with and who I can stay in with. My boyfriend, one of my best friends, is not necessarily as interested in fashion and beauty goods but he tries to be ­čÖé Friends are my support and I appreciate them more than they’ll ever know, although I do try to show them as much as possible. Friends are the best.

Thankful for so Much, it’s Ridiculous

Family Rocks

Manfriend and I took a jaunt to North Carolina for our Christmas break and officially we are done traveling for awhile. We seem to have been on the road every other weekend for the last 3 months at least… and it’s tiring! Finger Lakes, NYC, Colorado, NC, Starbucks… geesh we need to stay home and spend some quality time with our dog and cat (because they are pretty needy). Overall though? I would travel again next weekend if it would be that I was guaranteed some quality time with my family. I have a lot of friends in Massachusetts but family? Yeah, I am on bare bones in the Northeast. Love ’em and want to be near them but I know if I was near them, we would annoy eachother. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so I am pretty fond of my family. I know I post about my family a lot but it’s my way of showing them I care, in an unconventional way.

Ok, since you begged me. Highlights from our trip to NC are as follows:

Family Rocks

Happiest of New Year’s, my friends

I thought that that a great start to the new year would not be to lay out my resolutions (one of which usually includes a post-holiday diet) but rather, I would lay out some charitable organizations that I either have worked with or would like to work with in the future… and vow to volunteer my time or donate as much as possible this year. So here I am sharing where I want to spend some of my extra time and resources this year. I hope you approve ­čśë

I did the Breast Cancer 3-day a few years ago and have not forgotten what an amazing experience it was to walk 60 miles in the blistering heat (no lie over 100 degrees one day) for a mighty good cause. Please note: I was not being sarcastic.´╗┐ (See previous post about why this is near and dear to my heart). My goal this year is somehow to get involved again, whether it be to walk, volunteer or donate some sweet moola.

What an amazing cause for a crafty girl to partake in. You basically whip up some pillowcases but these aren’t just any pillow cases… these pillow cases go directly to kids suffering from different life changing illnesses. That was my blurb but read┬áthe longer (and more inspirational) version here.┬áThey give you the tools, and where to get your charitable craftiness on, so I am thinking why not? It would be fun an fulfilling for sure.

I have always wanted to volunteer with the Special Olympics and even went as far as to work on planning a trip out to Boise for the Winter Games (unfortunately it was going to be WAY too much work for me at that stage in the game) but this year, I thought if I gave myself a goal of volunteering at one event and then maybe another, I’d get my feet wet and also get a lay of the land, so to speak. I looked up my Massachusetts chapter and already requested to be added to the volunteer database. First step, taken.

I always him and haw on the morning of my once a month Big Sister opportunity but I ALWAYS feel great after completing that day’s activity. I volunteer for the girls on the waiting list for a Big Sister. This is a way for them to get out and socializing while they are waiting to be placed with that special someone. It is a year long, once a week┬ácommittment and I am honest with myself about not┬ábeing able to do that. Truthfully though? For the most part, I make a new little friend every time I pick one of them up for skating, self defense courses, the museum of science and so on an so forth. I want to keep this up this year of our lord 2011.

Happiest of New Year’s, my friends

Our Christmas Tree is a Girl, so I made it a Skirt!

So this past weekend manfriend and I went on the daunting task of #1 getting him a new tie at Macy’s for his Holiday party and #2 picking up our very first Christmas Tree together. Well Macy’s was a breeze compared to finding a fake, green Christmas tree of the 6- 7 feet variety. They were all sold out everywhere!

We would have gone the real tree route but we have a pretty curious cat that has been known to climb into the real Christmas tree, proceed to knock said tree over and with it spilling real pine needles EVERYWHERE. You can see why we had some reservations about the real tree (ie we still don’t trust her from years past).

I had my heart set on a Christmas tree this past weekend. The more places that we went and didn’t find one, the more downtrodden that I got.┬áThen manfriend was like, do you just want to get a white one? I had not eeven given that a thought because I was almost POSITIVE that he wouldn’t want a non-traditional tree. Wellp, I was wrong and to home we went with a white tree, red and white lights and a renewed “in the air there is the feeling of Christmas” hop in my step.

Now we had some very specific ornaments that we picked out on our trip to CO over Thanksgiving. So we obviously had those in mind whilst thinking of our decorating goodness. See ornaments below:

Anyhoo, We decorated our Christmas tree and all was good with the world… until I decided that a skirt must be made for our wonderous Christmas tree, using some of the totally awesome Alexander Henry fabric I purchased from the lovely Pink Chalk Fabrics.

So I gatehered up some of my goods: Some paper off the roll (to make my pattern with) pinking shears, fabric, pins. interfacing and obvi my sewing machine with white thread in the machine and the bobbin.

I basically took a 30 x 30 piece of paper and folded it in half 3 times. Once I was there, I cut a circular shape at the corner where the center hole should be (I guesstimated the size and a little large at that). I then trimmed a triangular design on the other end so that each pattern piece would match.

I cut 4 pieces (or 2 of each on fabric folded over)of each type of four fabrics (8 pieces on top and 8 pieces on the bottom) and 8 pieces of the interfacing for between the top and bottom of the skirt pieces using my pinking shears (so that there was the least amount of fraying possible).


Top, Bottom and interfacing. 3 levels of the skirt

Kitten decided my makeshift pattern was also a nice nap spot. She is an angel! Ok so back to the project. I matched pieces up in the design that I wanted and simply sewed them together to create a pretty quick and easy tree skirt.

The finished product?

Our Christmas Tree is a Girl, so I made it a Skirt!

Happy Thanksgiving, People!

So being that today is Thanksgiving, I give you my wish of good family, good times and good eats. We musn’t forget that Thanksgiving all started with some pilgrims who were hard up for food, people (Native American Indians) offered their help (they befriended Squanto)and they had a glorious dinner with maize and turkey and other such yummer things. Yay Mayflower and Yay┬áfor a holiday where we can give thanks for what we have!

I thought I would take this moment to say what things I am thankful for, of which there are many:

My faith, my┬áawesome family, the love of a good man, amazing friends, my┬ápuppy and kitten, a job during this tough time for our country’s economy, a nice place to live,┬áGroupon, the Sun (it keeps the Earth alive afterall), the Earth (let’s take care of her), Indian Food (mainly Chicken Korma),┬áGrapes (to make wine with), Cookies, Fabric Stores, Twitter, Electricity,┬áClorophyl (more like Borophyl), Ibuprofun, Conan, Sleep and the list could go on and on…

We must not take things for granted. Life is too short to not be thankful for what we have… whatever it may be.


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Happy Thanksgiving, People!

"A Crafty Holiday" for One, "A Crafty Holiday" for All

Anyone who follows my blog or twitter or both (or if you live with me, ahem Manfriend) has heard about my participation in A Crafty Holiday Blog Hop… and how much I have been looking forward to it.

I have always been a huge fan of anything handmade, crafted, painted, whittled, fashioned┬á(insert many more here)…. all of these words┬ámean to me┬áthat a little of some one’s heart and love was put into their work. That makes it really┬áspecial to me…and as cheezeball as that sounds, I stand by it. When something that has been hand wrapped in butcher’s paper and tied with twine is delivered to me, my heart jumps for joy. I want to share this feeling with others, and that is why I plan to buy handmade for this holiday season whenever possible… and am here to encourage you all to do the same. The opportunity to share something special with someone who is special to you, is truly a cool experience. Can I get a Hollaaaa?

Now you are probably wondering what is on my list of wants and needs? What I plan to buy for others? What I would recommend for a┬ástylish, unique little gift? Well I am about to give you the rundown. You’ll see a lot from my wish list because I do spend a great deal of time perusing (wink) but there are also some items I could get for loved ones┬áthat would┬ámake their little hearts melt!

First we can hit my wish list from some of my favorite artisans out there right now:

CINNAMON STICK – Bliss Soy 10 oz Premium Jar Candle by Bliss Candles


I happen to love anything Cinnamon. To me, the scent of cinnamon makes me think of Fall straight through to New Year’s and I love it! So obvi, I would like to partake in the soy goodness of Bliss Candle’s Cinnamon Stick.

´╗┐ ´╗┐You could get me anything by Riverbasin Outfitters. I happen to just be a fan of her aesthetic and love the idea of reconstructed clothing. Once loved, loved again.┬á I have a practically snugly re purposed Rugby shirt with screen printing┬áand added pockets which has made for an absolutely adorable comfy dress fit for Winter. Some of my most recent Riverbasin crushes?

From Riverbasin Outfitters’ Forest Girl Fashion Show in October 2010


´╗┐ ´╗┐

I love headbands with any sort of embellishment. I guess you could call me a sucker for snazzy-ness. Allorahandmade has a variety of colors to choose from so I guess I could pair this adorbs headband with soooo many outfits if manfriend were to let me buy multiple! (Pretty Please?)


Now this is something that I would want for myself. Being that my tastes are eclectic, I could totally envision multiple outfits surrounding this crocheted beauty. Now only if manfriend reads this blog post.



Some of the things that I am hoping to grab for some loved ones? (and yes, I worry they will read this blog post, but I am willing to take my chances). The variety out there, astounds me:


I happen to love anything knit or crocheted (if you hadn’t noticed). I can totally envision my sister (with her new rocker blond and black hair do) wearing this in NC during the winter. It doesn’t get as cold there so she can be fashionable without being frozen- esque.

´╗┐ ´╗┐ ´╗┐


How can you not love these unconventional earrings? Made with vintage sequins and oxidized copper pins. Love, Love, Love! I am keeping these on the backburner for sister and cousin. I really think they would be ALL over these. Wouldn’t you be?


Ramona Rose – The Sleepy Woodland Bunny Plush from Sleepyking

Something I was thinking of getting for my cousin’s new baby. I really think this made to order plush would really add┬áa stylish twist to any infant’s room. This is just one of many really cute animal plushes with unique expressions that Sleepking offers for purchase. Not just for holiday,┬áI would recommend as a great addition to baby shower gift as well.


I have bought a few necklaces from Chewlry in the past and have gotten nothing but compliments on her designs, which claim to be “jewelry with a bite”! My “green kangaroo” sister will probably be all over this trinket, being that it is awesome and unique.

I happen to have eight of Popwheel Art’s watercolors in my bathroom and have decorated around these pieces. There is something whimsical about her artwork. Here’s me shouting it from the rooftops. I would probably grab one of these for one of my besties Nathalie; she has also shared in her adoration of these watercolors. Add a cool frame and you have a pretty rad gift for a pretty rad person!

OK and how about one more things;-) Actually, I might get one of these for a couple of my besties… because… It’s adorable.
Life is Sweet Necklace from The Rusted Chain´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐

Dude, Life is Sweet. So are Cupcakes. Enough Said.


To me, buying handmade and personally designed items, is a way of encouraging artistry while also gifting unique items for my loved ones (and myself of course). There is something so lovely about something crafted by some one’s hands. I cannot encourage you enough to check out local artisans, local craft shows, Etsy, and any other means of getting something creative and one of a kind for your fam! Besides, isn’t it more fun to check out your favorite crafter than to fight with crowds at Walmart? I thought so!

Tomorrow’s post is from Paputsi so please check in with her on the flip side. She is sure to have some great handmade items picked out for her crafty holiday. I personally can’t wait to take a peek at what she has to show us all!

Also, look out for some of the posts from this rad blog hop. I have been sooooo happy to participate and urge you to check out others who helped make this so fun! Yay!

Here’s to Happy Holidays filled with lovelies and huggles! (oh and obvi Handmade)
"A Crafty Holiday" for One, "A Crafty Holiday" for All

Halloween Inspired Craft, Perfect for Christmas Time

My sisters will absolutely get a hoot out of this craft I found on Disney’s Family Fun section of their website (yes, I sometime peruse family fun websites despite the fact that I have no children)… I think we should do this craft when we are together at Christmas time. I know it’s weird but my family is weird.


* Disposable ballpoint pen
* White Crayola Model Magic modeling material
* Toothpick
* Craft glue
* Plastic fingernail
* Nail polish


1.For each one, cover a disposable ballpoint pen (cap removed) with a 1/4-inch layer of white Crayola Model Magic modeling material, leaving the tip of the pen exposed.

2.Sculpt the clay into a finger shape, forming thick bumps on one side for knuckles. Mark wrinkles and creases around the knuckles with a toothpick.

3. Next, use craft glue to attach a plastic fingernail near the pen’s tip, leaving room enough for the pen to write. (If you like, trim the nail with scissors beforehand for a jagged effect.) Use the toothpick to create lines around the cuticle area and coat the nail with nail polish in a frightful hue.

4. Allow the clay and the polish to dry completely before using the pen.

Halloween Inspired Craft, Perfect for Christmas Time