Why so Mean to Kelly Clarkson, People?

In watching Saturday Night Live this past weekend, I was a little taken aback by host Charles Barkley and Musical Guest, Kelly Clarkson… if only because I sort of feel that neither are 100% relevant right now. Once the show started though, I thoroughly enjoyed Charles Barkley as the host and I was reminded of how friggin’ talented that Kelly Clarkson really is. I have seen many a SNL where the musical guest sounded, flat out horrible live… but Kelly, now there is a true talent.

So here I am enjoying myself and imagine how absolutely peeved that I was when I saw my Twitter feed blowing up with people dogging on Kelly Clarkson for being fat…. and actually tweeting to her about it. Ummm, hello people, Kelly Clarkson can actually see those tweets. Would you tell your friend or even a casual acquaintance that they looked fat? I don’t think so.

Bad manners aside, I think that this type of public reaction to someone’s personal appearance is something of societal tragedy. Are we that obsessed with weight, youth and beauty, that physical looks automatically trump absolutely amazing talent? Here, I’ll show you some examples of the complete superficiality:

@fsmikeyL 100%. Kelly clarkson loves to eat ham
@IlickBrains Clearly if Kelly Clarkson “Just Walked Away” she wouldn’t be at her size.
@willnoonan Since You’ve Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson has been eating.
@brandnirwin Kelly Clarkson weighs more than Charles Barkley

Those weren’t the worst but you get the idea…

Now there were no great pictures that I could snag of her performance but check out this video of her Mr. Know It All performance that night…. OK, welcome back. Please also see pictures of Kelly below from VH1 Divas, the American Music Awards and recent NFL event. I THINK KELLY LOOKS GREAT. Yes, she has gotten some curves that perhaps weren’t there the last time we all took a look at her but seriously people, she is an average American woman that you are putting down here. I bet you that Kelly Clarkson and I might be pretty close in size (well I have more chest while she has more butt) and it kind of hurt my feelings that the Twitterverse was giving her a hard time.

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images North America, Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America, Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images AsiaPac

I think that girls today need to have great role models. I love to look and feel beautiful. I love to daydream about wearing designer clothes and dressing up to look glam but if society is telling me that I have to be model thin to actually be beautiful? Geesh, what kind of message is that. Should I not even bother? I am SURE that Kelly Clarkson’s feelings were hurt by the mean tweets, how could they not be? She is an absolute power house of natural talent that I could only dream of having. And to boot? She is a curvalicious and beautiful woman. Seriously people, why so mean to Kelly Clarkson?

Where do you weigh in on this? (no pun intended)
Why so Mean to Kelly Clarkson, People?