Tyra Banks’ Modelland

Despite being extremely full of herslef and borderline annoying almost all the time, I still have a hankering to read this (teen) book that Tyra Banks has been hocking. Yes, I do still record America’s Next Top Model… hey this season is the All Star cast and yes, I suppose I watched a show or two of her talk show. I guess some would call me a fan. I begrudgingly take that label.

Anyway, her new book Modelland hit the stores in September and I have been trying to stay away. I mean, I do have some pride in what I am seen in public reading… but I have been thinking more about it lately, as in I want to purchase it and read it and LOVE it in private. Gah, what is wrong with me?!

Will you give me permission to purchase this book with no shame?


Tyra Banks’ Modelland