Vintage Score: Patterned Maxi Dress

Dude, I love vintage. I love vintage so much that I want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant (take a joke, it’s from 30 Rock). The beautiful thing about vintage is that you can almost guarantee than no one else is wearing it and bonus, you can get it from so many different locations. There are brick and mortar shops set up specifically for vintage and consignment goods. I have also been known to find some vintage/retro looks at my local Salvation Army/Savers (obviously with some searching)… but now, the amazing Internets have made shopping for retro looks so much easier! Whether set up on ebay or stand alone online shops, these great resources are run by women and men with an eye for clever and interesting vintage items. I have just started ordering from online vintage shops, and I have not been disappointed yet. Check out my most recent find from Vantage Point Vintage!

Some of my favorite online Vintage stores are as follows (visit them, you won’t regret it):


Vintage Score: Patterned Maxi Dress

A Jar Full of Awesome

So manfriend and I went to Brattleboro, VT a couple of weekends ago and let me tell you what an enjoyable thrift/ consignment shopping experience this was. I will be doing a separate post on all the neat stuff that I saw buuuuuuuuut my shining acheivement? Was the jar full of awesome. I got it for $10.00 at a vintagey/consignment type place in Brattleboro called Twice Upon a Time and it was amaaaaazing (like I said, separate post). So anyway, Jar de Awesome.

This may look silly because what stands out are the little toys and the Santa Cookie Cutter (which was going NO WHERE NEAR MY COOKIES) but once I dumped it out and explored, this was like the goldmine of costume jewelry (some in great condition, others in need of love). As if the jar itself weren’t cool enough on it’s own, there were some cool little trinkets that I was happy to have found.
I am super excited to see what will come of all this “junk” but I have a feeling it will be something COOL! We shall see…
A Jar Full of Awesome

Incorporating Vintage

So I was totally inspired by the girls from the Slaves to Fashion blog on when they shared a week’s worth of looks that all had a touch or more of Vintage…Jen totally rocked it. I totally try to work Vintage pieces into my wardrobe all the time (some outfits being more successful than others of course) so I was encouraged to document my own looks and get feedback on whether or not I have the knack or not. Eh, regardless if anyone thinks I have got the knack, I still love my vintage and thrifted goods… I love a piece of clothing with character, no lie.

OK so what do you think of my looks with a dash of vintage loving?

Vintage Touch? Dress from Roulette Vintage in Carrboro, NC (Shoes are Nine West, Sweater is now defunct Martin + Osa, belt is Banana Republic)
Vintage Touch? Scarf from a Goodwill run with my Ma! (Skirt is J. Crew, Sweater is Martin+ Osa, Shoes are Cole Haan)
Vintage Touch? Oxford shoes from a consignment shop in Worcester, MA (Sweater is The Limited, Jeans are UniQlo, Tank is Martin +Osa, bag is Sak Roots)

Vinstage Touch? Elephant Necklace from Alexis Grace Consignment (sweater by The Limited, skirt Martin+Osa and shoes from Target)


Vintage Touch? Dress made with Vintage fabric from NowSOLA Vintage and made by me! (sweater by Gap, Shoes by Nine West)
Incorporating Vintage

Thrifting is a Joy!

I have recently joined an open blog for those of us out there who love to “thrift” ie get out there and rummage for treasures at yard sales, thrift shops, estate sales, vintage and consignment joints etc, etc and so on and so forth… That wondrous blog of blogs? Yes, it’s The Thrift Collective. This blog is open to anyone and everyone who gets their thrift on and wants to share in their finds, is searching for that elusive piece or wants to create a Thrift Guide for their area (which I did for Boston and suburbs).

I love buying previously loved (and sometime unloved) for a multitude of reasons but my main ones are as follows:

*Buying used is a great way to find unique items that might even be one of a kind. Character is key for me. Thrifting? is great for finding some pretty funky characters.

*It saves me money! It’s a great way to feed my shopping addiction without cleaning out my change purse.

*I love my crafting and with my crafting comes experimentation. Going to thrift stores often finds me coming home with great items to re-purpose, fabric to experiment with (sheets, curtains etc etc) and a feeling of creating something new out of something old. Hurrah!

*It’s good for our Earth. If I can reuse, recycle, re-purpose, re-imagine, reconstruct something? Then I am not buying it new.

Do you love to thrift? Do you want to shout it from the rooftops? Join The Thrift Collective! You can shoot off an email to Ana and ask to join! They are on Twitter (and while you’re there you might as well follow me), on Facebook (oh I am there too!) and Flickr (nope, I’m not there). I’d love to see as many people as possible sharing in their love of all that is thrifty!

Thrifting is a Joy!