Obsession Alert: EA Burns Jewelry

I cannot stop thinking about these necklaces by EABurns. I saw them a couple of months ago, so long that I can’t remember exactly where it was that I first laid eyes upon them. All I do know is that I bookmarked the Lizzie Burns’ page and have been dreamy-eyed about her pieces ever since. I have actually been meaning to write this blog post since the moment I saw them.

EABurns is an ethical label primarily using reclaimed and scrap leather from U.K manufacturers.They believe that the environment and good design are equally important and aim to balance these. All of their pieces are hand made in the UK using sustainable processes wherever possible and they use biodegradable and reusable packaging for all internet orders. Love? A yes I do.
Besides the “green” attitude, I am totally obsessed with her pieces. Damn if I don’t want my bridesmaids to wear the fluorescent green with their black bridesmaids dresses, because wouldn’t that be memorable? I am smitten with the colors, the hard edges and almost magical feel to the jewelry and accessory lines from Lizzie.

I think that if I were ever to have a design line, I would most definitely have to incorporate these intersting and unique pieces somehow… but to start, I should probably just buy one and wear it! Which should I go for?

Follow her blog, shop, her page on Facebook or on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest of her work. Love.Love.Love.

Obsession Alert: EA Burns Jewelry

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