Shoemint, is it Worth the Hype?

Let me preface this post by saying that I was and am still excited to see what Shoemint comes up with but as a start? I am a little disappointed. Let me explain: I am signed up for Jewelmint and Stylemint so it was no surprise to me that Shoemint was launching (because I got a ton of emails about it and it is plastered in my ad choices on every site I visit) so I was most definitely ready to see what Rachel Bilson, Steve Madden and Nicole Chavez brought to the table. Well, it turns out that all the “sneak peeks” and photos I had seen prior were actually the only shoes released on Black Friday as their debut collection for us to drool over; in short, I had already seen everything before the site was launched. There was no element of surprise when I was given my showroom.

The thing I like most about Jewelmint and Stylemint is that even if I don’t like what is in my monthly “showroom” there is the option to add more and basically purchase from the grand selection. With 6 pairs of shoes period, there wasn’t the option to do this…So don’t get me wrong, the 3 choices they had in 2 colors each, are pretty cool shoes.  I appreciate Shoemint’s urge to be fashion forward but where are the flats? Where are my mid-range heels? Where is the true selection? I love high heels just like every other woman but 4 out of 6 pairs of these shoes have 6 inch heels! The highest I have ever gone is 4 1/2 and let’s be honest, I don’t wear those every day. 

Out of all of their debut collection, I could only really imagine myself wearing the 4 inch wedges on a regular basis… and at $80 a pair, I want to be sure I am getting the most bang for my buck.

As of right now, all but one style on Shoemint is sold out… which leads me to believe that totally hyping up your demographic really does work but also that these shoes are marketable. I don’t know…. I was really excited and then left a little underwhelmed by the site’s launch. Though I am never one to give up on a new shoe line or a new place to get my fix, I am really hoping that the next collection has #1 more of a selection and #2 more of a selection… I just couldn’t pull the trigger this time around.

Did you pick up a pair of Shoemint shoes? If so, have you received them yet and was it worth the hype?

Shoemint, is it Worth the Hype?