Did Betsey Johnson Bring Clueless Back?

Betsey Johnson’s Fall/Winter RTW 2012 show debuted last week. It was classic Betsey; fun, fanciful, flirty and a little wild. I have read reviews of her newest collection and everyone is getting pretty much the same vibe: pumped up 60’s mod with a futuristic edge. I totally agree with those reviews but you know what I also see? Clueless, early 90’s Clueless. Fashion from the movie Clueless (starring a one Miss Alicia Silverstone and the hunkalicious Paul Rudd) has hopped in a time machine and asked Miss Betsey Johnson for another chance.

I think anyone my age, or around my age, or actually, any female with a sense of humor will instantly be able to pull up a quote from Clueless at random. Most certainly, these same women, will also be able to drum up an image of the fashion from Clueless. Plaids, knee socks, collared shirts, bright colors, tights and more… If you are reading my blog, I don’t think I have to explain in any more detail, what I am referencing.

Betsey Johnson’s Fall 2012 collection was full of bright colors, fabulous tights, plaids and prints… is this sounding familiar? Betsey brought us some herringbone minis and matching jackets (a la Cher and Dionne’s signature look), vertical striped tights, faux fur trims and fabulous hats. All these things, I can either remember or imagine being styled in Clueless.

Do I love Clueless? Yes. Could that be why I am imagining Betsey Johnson’s line embodying a new, adventurous version of it? Probably. Do I care? As If.

*All fashion images via Zimbio

Did Betsey Johnson Bring Clueless Back?