An Ode to Create! Sewing Studio

So I just finished my last session of my first real sewing class since half a semester in Home Ec circa 1997… and I have nothing but great things to say about my Wednesday night’s sewing at the local Create! Sewing Studio in Acton, MA.

My previous experiences sewing were always what was right for me in that moment, not always what was right for the project in the long run. Couple that urge to take shortcuts with some impatience and you had some shoddy sewing skills at times. The first step in getting better is admitting you have a problem… Enter classes (and a little positive reinforcement) at Create! with owner Rebecca and instructor Darlene and I am on my way to taking my time and following directions more carefully. The two of them combined have so much experience, it makes my head spin! Being with them and my classmate, Sarah (darling), I got feedback and just good ol’ fashioned “Sewing Circle” time. I can honestly say that I have definitely built on the skills that I had prior and with a dash of Rebecca and Darlene’s tips and tricks (and how to use a Ham!), I am on my way to getting better and really, that is all that I can ask for.

Sarah (my classmate) and Darlene working on a reversable Holiday themed apron. ADORABLE!
I just loved the atmosphere, trading tips and getting recommendations.
Owner and Founder Rebecca (left) and Instructor Darlene (right)
I will surely be going back in the Spring to sink my teeth into some more in depth projects (with scarier aspects that I may not have dared attempt on my own) but in the meantime, I will be keeping up with the team at Create! and their students on Facebook, their bloggie and on Twitter. They teach many classes for kids and it’s just so cool to see some shining, young faces rocking their own creations! All hope is not lost for the future of our crafty nation!

Unforunately, manfriend was at the helm here and I obviously look short buuuuuuuuuuut I did make this skirt!
An Ode to Create! Sewing Studio

Petal and Pink, Yes Please

Hey Hey Hey, so I exciting news of the week is that I won a pair of earrings from that ab fab Petal and Pink, can you believe it? … I have won things before (Indigo Girls tickets… the closer I am to fiihiiiiine, yeah) but I must say that when Erin let me know I had won her Icicle Earrings, I had been having a crap day. Mayhaps the stars aligned so that my day was made to be 100 times better with just one tweet. See my soon to be lovelies below:

Erin wrote a super little blurb about mi little ol’ bloggie so I thought I would write a little bit about Petal and Pink because #1 Her jewelry is snazzy and pretty and pretty snazzy #2 I am returning the bloggin’ love and #3 Upon giving her my address we realized that we are not very far away from eachother… Totally small world, am I right?

Anyhoo, I wanted you to check out her Etsy shop because her jewelry is romantical and feminine… I wanted you to check out her blog because among other things she has “Outfit of the Day” posts which are adorbs! If you are addicted to Twitter like me? You can Follow her @PetalandPink.

In closing, I love me some crafty goodness. I love me some local crafty goodness. The only thing I think I would change about Ms.Erin of Petal and Pink? Is her dislike of cats. My kitten is an angel I tell you, an angel.

Petal and Pink, Yes Please

Good Friends are Hard to Find…

…but I sure have them.

This past Saturday, I enjoyed a night out with 17 of my closest friends for dinner and some drinks. These were all girls I went to college with and their significant others (what made the party so large) bringing back some old memories while making new ones. We had a great time and always end up saying “Why don’t we do this more often?”… Well life gets in the way most of the time but I am here to say that we should all make time for the people that we care about. Wouldn’t you agree?

“Suite”Hearts… some honorary

Hellooooo, I just want to show my friends how much I appreciate them. I give a lot when it comes to friendships but I can also expect a lot in return… and I don’t think that is being “hard to please”, rather having standards for the people you share your blessed time with. I expect my friends to be kind, caring and conscientious of oneanother’s issues and quirks, taking those into consideration all the time… and with my girls, I have that. I am going through some health issues that are leaving me feeling a little hopeless and somewhat sad… my girls are checking up on me with every doctor’s appt and diagnosis along the way. Love.It.And.Appreciate.It.

Obvi, my sisters are my besties as well but when it comes to sistahs from another mistah? I have some of the finest friends a girl could ask for, and that is no lie. Shout out to everyone who supports me in what I do, what I love and how I roll. Huggles!

Good Friends are Hard to Find…

Vintage Makes Me Happy

As someone with very eclectic tastes, I find it hard to just be influenced by the latest fashions, prints and designs. One morning, I will wake up and want to wear skinny jeans tucked into boots with a modern jacket and scarf and another morning I have to wear a reconstructed dress aquired at a boutique. There is no one way that I like to be influenced… modern or vintage, I embrace it all…one thing is for certain though, that vintage anything makes me happy and I just don’t know why.

Preserving the past isn’t just for museums and history books. Vintage shops across the country are keeping it real with styles from the past. From brick and morter joints to ebay shops to online presences, I can get my fix all over the place. Scarf here, clutch there, dress me up in vintage duds.

One of my friends ( I can call you a friend now, Kara) co-owns a Vintage clothes shop in Carrboro, NC called Roulette Vintage. It’s adorable and ecclectic, mixing vintage pieces with local designers and a dash of Kara and Rebecca’s creations. You can shop in store, you can shop online… what more could you ask for? There is just something so special about previously loved and interesting items. They are almost one of a kind in most cases. Love love love.

One of my favorite online Vintage clothiers is Twitch Vintage; she has an ebay store but also an ajoining blog which is kind of fun. Even if I don’t intend to buy, I always browse because you never know what will inspire you.

Speaking of inspiration, have you ever heard of Well if you haven’t please take a gander because it’s basically peeps like you and me from all of the world showcasing their own personal style. It’s really rad and I like to check in once in awhile. Fashion inspiration is nothing short of a lot of fun. Check out some of the members below, the ones that caught my eye on my recent stop by.

All photo credits to

I take my inspiration where I can get it… and I gladly let others lay their ideas on me. Sharing is caring, so let me know if you have a great Vintage clothes shop you just love to shop at!

Vintage Makes Me Happy

My New Header ala "Stuff in a Martini Glass"

A good friend of mine, Miss Kristin, agreed to help me design a header/ logo for my blog being that she does some design work on her own through She agreed to do it pro bono to beef up her portfolio and also because I firmly believe she wanted to help a sistah out. So I gave her the below rough sketch based on an idea that I had for “Prim and Propah” tanks, as a sort of play on being girly but also kicking butt and taking names, whilst crafting.
She came up with an absolutely adorable tank theme with browns, yellows and pinks and incorporated buttons and threads (for obvious reasons) but also shook it up with some martinis and cupcakes (Mmmmm, sounds like a perfect night in). She not only did this very professionally for me (asking all the right questions and tailoring it to my tastes) but she did it pretty darn efficiently/quickly… so I had no time to get impatient!
Check out her header for moi and also the button that she did for the blog as well. I am elated because I am starting to feel like this little bloggie of mine is coming together into something that I can be proud of and spend time on, while not feeling like I am wasting away without a creative outlet.
New Blog Header, Holla!
Blog Button, Holla!

Check out some of Kristin’s made to order Martini’s that are pretty fun if you ask little ol’ me. All you have to do is share an idea and she can work with you to make your ideas/dreams/wishes a reality. Was that a smidge over the top?? Wellp, I am pretty happy with my blog header if you haven’t noticed yet.

Send ideas to

The Green-tini

The Zombie-tini

The TKO-tini

Martini Music


My New Header ala "Stuff in a Martini Glass"

Working towards a cure

Being that it is October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am starting to think about my plans for the next year and my volunteering with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I have done the Breast Cancer 3-day in the past and LOVED it. Would want to do it again but not all by my lonesome.  I lucked out the last time around by meeting some great gals along the way, but wouldn’t want to chance it not happening like that again.

I am setting out right now, to enlist at least one more person to raise sweet moola for a great cause and experience something wonderful. We shall see if I can work some magic. Somewhere in the world, every 69 seconds, a woman dies from Breast Cancer. This statistic makes me sad but so many women are also inspirations. Check out some of their stories… I am sure there are a million more like it out there.
Working towards a cure

Oooh Ooooh Turban!

One of my vintage twitter acquaintances, Twitch Vintage, posted a blog tutorial on a really fun turban like headband. So Obvi, I decided to do my own, with a twist. I spent awhile on this tonight but am happy I did. Love me some crafty productivity just for the heck of it!

I started by wrapping some jersey cotton that I needed to discard in twine until I was satisfied with the coverage. There was no method to my madness just madness to my method…  
Obvi, I couldn’t just keep the white as it was, so I chose the Golden Yellow for tonight’s fun with fabrics…
Like a gross soup made with dye, string and fabric… I stewed my goodies in a bucket in the bathroom while we watched our DVR’d Jersey Shore, occasionally pausing to give ‘er and ol’ stir…
After a good ol’ washing, I have some pretty run of the mill tie dye effects but better than plain, that is for sure…
After following the tutorial once, I created my own version with two extra loops to make a thicker band.
Thankfully, I have a live in photographer. Thanks Manfriend.

I love it when I am inspired by other like-minded peeps. Now I have a quick and easy project that I can do at the drop of a hat.

Oooh Ooooh Turban!

Tis the Season…

… for baking and yummy smells of Fall. Manfriend benefited from a spontaneous urge to be “Autumny”… I baked a Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread, we enjoyed Topsfield fair Kettle corn, he warmed up some apple cider and to top the gluttony off, apple cinnamon donuts were dipped in said hot cider. Gluttons for Fall, that’s what we are… but mmmm did it taste good.

My next project will surely be our family’s Pumpkin Crumb Cake, the recipe which I am sure came from a magazine or something yeeeeeears ago but we love it just the same. It’s pretty easy and oh so yummy. I copied and pasted (see below) exactly how my mother sends this recipe around. Try it if you dare… to be delicious!
Pumpkin Crumb Cake

1 box of yellow cake mix (can be extra moist)
1 can of pumpkin
Brown sugar
Cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice
Bisquick or jiffy mix

Heat oven to 400 degrees.

Follow the directions on the yellow cake mix. Add the can of pumpkin and beat together. Add ¼ cup of jiffy mix and beat til creamy.

Put the mixture in your pan of choice.

Crumb topping:

1 softened stick of butter
1cup of brown sugar
1 and 1/2 cups of bisquick

Mix all these ingredients together with a whisk or your fingers (clean fingers, remember hand hygiene). Spread over your cake mix and bake.

Make sure the cake is finished cooking in the middle because it bubbles up and can fool you.


Tis the Season…

Barb Fights Like a Girl

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is a cause that is near and dear to me. Having a grandmother that endured breast cancer was an eye opening experience. She was diagnosed in the mid eighties, when I was just a little kid. To think, had she not survived, I would have never known her. I am grateful for the chance to have her in my life and thank God she “fought like a girl” and booted that cancer out the door.

My mother tells the story like this. Her mother, we’ll call her Barb, well… because that’s her name, called her up one day. Barb said she had just returned from the hospital where she had one of her breast removed; she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was starting treatments. My mom was like, “whaaa whaaa whaaat?” My grandma dealt with it all on her own, not telling her children until she had undergone surgery. I can’t even imagine the strength that must have taken… what a real challenge that requires emotional and physical energy… she went through a lot… and this could explain her smidge of later in life curmudgeoness. 😉 All in all? She rocks. I love her. She makes me proud.

Barb is a “Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor”

Because this cause has been close to my heart, I have tried to volunteer my time over the years/ do something to raise awareness/ much needed funds. When in college, my rugby team volunteered for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We worked the registration before the walk began. This was my first taste of just how many people were affected by Breast Cancer. I will never forget for the rest of my life, one woman who was registered for the walk. She was late to check in and was concerned about being able to leave during the walk and then coming back (something that usually wasn’t allowed). She had to leave to attend her mother’s funeral. She had passed due to breast cancer just days before. The words I’ll never forget, “My mom would have wanted me to do this.”

Amplify that experience by 10 and you have the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day. I raised over $2000 just to be able to participate (some of which I had to donate myself). The fundraising in and of itself was a job and took me nearly 5 months to do. I still maintain that the “Booze for Boobs” fundraiser was the best and was a major contributing factor in raising awareness among friends (shout out to John, Cristina and June for helping to throw that killer bash). Come time for the 3 day, 60 mile walk, I was by myself and afraid to spend 3 days walking on my lonesome. WAS.NOT.THE.CASE. I met Wendy at minute one. Jill and Heather shortly thereafter, Rachel and her mom after that. These were women who were a constant support even though we had only known eachother for a short time. The cause brought us together to a 60 mile, teary-eyed emotional roller coaster of sharing and caring… an experience I’ll never forget. I called Barb on my ride home to cry a little (you have no idea how emotional it is and how very tiring walking 60 miles can be) and just express my joy in her survival. I hope she got it. I love her and did it for her and all the other families that have dealt with this.

Breast Cancer 3-Day with women I didn’t know until we bonded over such an emotional and physical experience.

Barb has been in remission for well over 20 years, so now we can joke about it… joke about the dog dragging her gel breast insert, aka “chicken cutlet”, out into the living room, whilst also destroying tissues while he was at it. He obvi didn’t want her to stuff her bra. She has a great sense of humor, can totally take a joke and gives it as good as she gets it. Barb= Hot Ticket… and we are lucky to have her with us.

Me and Barb, August 2010, browsing used books

PS. Some of my favorite breast cancer awareness jobbies? Susan G. Komen for the cure, The National Breast Cancer Foundation,  Avon Foundation for Women, and Breast Cancer.Org.

PPS. Barb has given me many things in this life, love, affection, annoying email forwards (just kidding Barb, they’re cute) but the greatest gift that wonderful woman ever gave me… and my mother… and my cousin… were D’s and DD’s. Rock on chesty girls!

Barb Fights Like a Girl